Mon 17 August [Lanark Lawrie & Symington...]

Lanark Lawrie & Symington Primestock Sale Monday 17th August

Sale Date: Mon 17 August

Monday 17th August 2015

Lawrie and Symington sold 20 Prime Cattle, 101 Cast Cows, 1 Calf  and 3028 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on the 17th August .


Prime Cattle – A Top Price of 257p per kg was realised for a 554kg Limousin Heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by S Collins & Sons Butchers, Muirhead. Butchers Cattle sold to average 244.5p per kg.

Limousin Bullocks: Muirburn 235p, Under Shieldhill 215p, British Blue: Muirburn 229p, Friesian: Westtown 149.5p, Craigthorn 144.5p.

Limousin Heifers (heavy): Brockwoodlees 257p, Muirburn 246p, Heatheryhall 245p, Under Shieldhill 219p, (light); Brockwoodlees 256p, British Blue: Heatheryhall 246p, Brockwoodlees 246p, Ayrs: Coldwakening 125.5p.


Cast Cows (101): BB Cow sold to £1195 or 180p per kg from Messrs Struthers, Greenbank Farm Carluke, Fr Cow sold to £985 or 115p per kilo from Greentowers Farm Ltd.

69 Dairy Cows averaged 89.1p.

32 Beef Cows averaged 124.9p.

Beef Cows per head: Lim: £1095 Goremire, £1085 Under Shieldhill. Saler: £1055, £1035 Poldean. BB: £1195 Greenbank. Sim: £1135 Browntod.

Beef Cows Per Kilo: Lim: 159p Goremire, 145p Under Shieldhill, Saler: 154p Poldean, BB: 180p Greenbank, Sim: 174p Browntod.

Dairy Cow per head: Fr: £805 Dykeneuk, £985 Greentowers, £835 Shotlinn, £715 Auchmeddan. Hol: £695 East Brackenridge, £795 Eastfield, £775 Quothquan Mill, £715 Marshill, Mont: £895 Shotlinn, Ayrshire: £715.

Dairy Cow per Kilo: Fr: 110p Dykeneuk, 115p Greentowers, 107p Shotlinn. Hol: 105p Roseneath, 110p Eastfield, 108p Quothquan Mill. Mont: 116p Shotlinn. Ayrshire: 105p Swaites.


Calves: Lim £200 from Messrs R Baird, Easter Whin.


Prime and Cast Sheep; 2405 New Season Lambs average 149.2p per kg


168 Medium Lambs averaged (32.1-39kg) averaged 145.4p per kg, Top 155.6p per kg for Texel from Ingraston Farms, West Linton. Texel: £60 Northflatt, £59 Skerrington Mains, £57.50 Cottage. Beltex: £60 Northflatt, £60 Ingraston, £57 Normangill.


 1730 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kg) averaged 150.9p per kg. Top 184.5p per kg for Beltex from Kingsbeck Ltd Nether Hangingshaw, Biggar. Texel: £81 & £78 Collielaw, £77.50 & £74 Bengal, £70.50 North Garngour. Beltex: £77.50 Netherhangingshaw, £72.50 Eastfield, Suff: £67.50 Eastshield, £67 Lochurd, £66.50 Hardington Mains. Char: £63 Kirkwood, £62.50 Normangill. Rousin: £69.50 Bengal.


 483 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kg) averaged 145.9p per kg, Top 168.1p per kg for Texel from R Reid, Bengal, Lockerbie. Texel: £79 Bengal, £78 Collielaw, £77 Toftcombs. Beltex: £79 Eastfield, £76.50 Halmyre Mains, Suff: £72.50 Sunnyside, £72.50 Mount Lothian, £72 Herbertshaw.


24 Super Lambs (52.1+ kgs) averaged 134.8p per kg. Top 143.4p per kg for Suff from R & M Walker, Hills of Dalserf. Texel: £76 Herbertshaw, £75.50 Stonebyres Mains, £75.50 Stonebyres Mains & Bengal. Suff: £76 Hills of Dalserf.


623 Cast Ewes and Rams averaged £62.84.

Cast Ewes: Texel: Nether Skellyhill £136.50, Swaites £131.50, Sunnyside £124.50, Nether Hangingshaw £118.50, Suffolk: Lawhead £93.50, Carwood £88.50, Greyface: Birks £80.50, Eastertown £74.50, Blackface: Mitchelhill £61.50, Crosswoodburn £58.50, Cheviot: Lochurd £78.50. Cast Rams: Texel: Spango £125.50, Cambwell £109.50. Cheviot: Lochurd £109.50.