Mon 4 November [ Inaugural Show & Sale of...]

Inaugural Show & Sale of Beltex Prime Lambs

Sale Date: Mon 4 November

 At their Inaugural Show & Sale of Beltex Prime Lambs Lawrie & Symington had forward 20 pens. The judge Haig Murray, Dunbia Ltd awarded the Championship to A. Donald, New Harestanes, Blyth Bridge which realised £127 to A. & L. Campbell, Butchers, Kirkmuirhill. The Reserve ticket was awarded to High Parks Farms, Hamilton which realised £97 to Vivers (Scotland) Annan.

Prize List

Beltex X Scotch Mule - Light

1st - I & M Bunting, Bridgestone, 42kg, £82.50

Beltex X Scotch Mule – Heavy

1st - R. & J. Hamilton, Dillars, 46kg, £80

Beltex X Hill Breed

1st – A. Leggate, Stramolloch, 44kg, £77.50

2nd– A. Leggate, Stramolloch, 45kg, £75.50

Beltex X Any Other Breed

1st  – A. Leggate, Stramolloch,38kg, £80

2nd – D. Baillie, Calla, 41kg, £83.50

3rd  – D. Gilchrist, Ingraston, 40kg, £78

Beltex X Any Other Breed (over 42kg)

1st  & Champion  – A. Donald, New Harestanes, 47kg, £127

2nd & Reserve  – High Parks Farms, Hamilton, 45kg, £97

3rd  – C. Smith, North Boig, 52kg, £90