Sale Date: Wed 19 September

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


Wednesday 19th September


L & S conducted their Annual Show and Sale of Border Leicester sheep where the judge Mr Neil Howie, North Lyham, Chatton, Alnwick, awarded the championship to a Ram Lamb from Keith Hourstons Didcot Flock, which was later sold for £1,200 to A Watson, Muthill, Crieff.

The reserve ticket was awarded to the Ram Lamb from A Haggart, Muirmouth, which realised £900 to Mrs MJ Cornish, Parkridge, Buckfastleigh, Devon. Top price was £2,500 for a Ram Lamb from David and Ian Walker, Alticane Flock, which was purchased by Jim Douglas, Cairness. This was followed at £2,100 also from the Alticane Flock, which was purchased by Tom Tennant, West Forth.

The 74 Ram Lambs sold averaged £439.12 (£440.51 in 2017).


Other Main Prices

Ram Lambs

£1,900 – West Forth to R N Howie, Lyham

£1,200 – Muirmouth to E J Aiken, Carnew

£1,000 – Kilphin to J M Kinloch, Elsrickle Mains

£1,000 – Intock to B Jordon, Wexford

£1,000 – Didcot to Mrs M Laidlaw, Drennans


In the female section the judge awarded the championship to a Ewe Lamb from J B Barrowman, Knockglass, which later sold for £800 to Mr J Pile, Barnstable, Devon. The reserve ticket was won by another Ewe Lamb from S Wallace, Slatehill Flock, which sold to Elisha King, Hamwood, Taunton, for £580. The 8 gimmers sold averaged £483.75 with the 25 Ewe Lambs levelled at £298.80.


A feature of the sale was the dispersal of the Lammermuir and Cocklaw flocks on behalf of the late J Harrison and A Gardiner respectively. The Lammermuir flock sold to a top of £520 for a Ewe Lamb and averaged £252.72 with the Cocklaw flock topping at £780 and levelling at £320.