Wed 1 October [Annual Sale of all Classes...]

Annual Sale of all Classes Ewes, Gimmers & Ewe Lambs

Sale Date: Wed 1 October

On Wednesday the 1st October Lawrie and Symington Ltd Lanark had forward 4639 sheep at the annual sale of all classes of ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs along with stock ewe’s also the second sale of Blackface ewe lambs and show and sale of Blackface Wedder lambs followed by all classes of store lambs.


Suffolk 1-3 crop £120 Lamington Mains

Scotch mule cb £75, £68 Fountainside



Pure Texel: £185 Craighead

£142 Millside

Texel x: £136 High Crewburn

£136 Glendouran

£136, £131 Ingraston


Scotch Mule £152, £133, £132 Newhall

£147 Ingraston

lleyn X Blackface £130, £118, £115 Stronacroibh

Blackface £113, £112 Stronacroibh

Texel Ewe Lambs £122 Millside


Blackface Ewe Lambs:

£71 Burnfoot

£70, £65 Darnhunch

£68, £60 North Deanhead

£66 Shawsknowe

£58 Spango

£56 South Cobbinshaw

£56 Blackburn


A feature of the sale was two lots of stock ewes being consigned firstly being the Scotch Mule Ewes from Messrs Harvey at Crairiehill Thornhill the ewes sold way above expectations selling well to a wide audience.

 Leading prices:

£146, £142, £140 Gimmers

£144, £142x2, £140x2 1 Crop

£126, £125, £124, £123x2 2 Crop

£96, £95, £94x2 3 Crop


Also there was the Talla stock of Blackface ewes selling extremely well.

Leading Prices:

£110, £109x2, £106 Gimmers

£82, £81x2, £80 1 Crop

£76, £75, £74 2 Crop

£64, £63, £59 3 Crop

£49x2 4 Crop





At the annual show and sale of Blackface Wedder lambs kindly sponsored by Ryan Oniell Co and The Blackface sheep breeders association, and judged by Tommy Taylor Heatheryhall farm. Winning for the first time was a pen of 40 outstanding lambs from Black Mountain farms Millknowe selling at £56 to the judge. Reserve on the day was another super pen of 32 lambs from the Firm of Shawhead selling at £54.50, in third place was a pen of cracking lambs from Messrs Elliot Broughton place. All lambs forward were shown well and sold extremely well above seller’s expectations other leading prices are as follows:

Bf Wedder Lambs:

£48 Shawhead

£48 Birthwood

£46 Normangill

£46x2 Millknowe


Bf Tup Lambs:

£50.50 Normangill

£48.50 Buccleugh Estate

£46.50 Broughton Place

£45.50 Glencotho


Other store lambs sold well:  

Suffolk x £68.50, 63.50 Wester  Highcross

Texel x £67, £63, £60 Mayfield


Lawrie and Symington has forward a small show of Rams with quality sheep easily sold topping the sale at £680 was a Bluefaced Leicester shearling from Messrs Dykes of South Slipperfield closely followed by another from the same home at £640.

Other leading prices:

Texel £450, £400 Acreknowe £350 Greenbank

Bluefaced Leicester £400 South Slipperfield £400x2 Libberton