Tue 10 October [2nd Show and Sale of Suckled...]

2nd Show and Sale of Suckled Calves

Sale Date: Tue 10 October

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


Tuesday 10th October –  Show & Sale of Suckled Calves


Lawrie and Symington had forward 924 Suckled Calves at their 2nd Show and Sale. 468 Bullocks sold to a top of 438.6p Chx off Easter Haprew to average 236.4p. 456 Heifers sold to a top of 404.9p Chx off Posso Manor to average 220.3p.

Champion Calf  (Limx Blk) off Hartside Farms weighed 330kg and made £1260 selling to Anderson, Galston.

Reserve Champion  off Hyslop, Netherton Farm (BBx Hfr) weighing 286kg, making £1080 to Howat, Ayr.

Prize List

Lim Bullocks 1st Hartside Farms 330kg, £1260 to Anderson Galston

                       2nd Forrest Hillend 444kg, £1120 to Purdon Strathaven House.

                       3rd Campbell, Easter Happrew, 338kg, £1120 W. Mcharg.

Lim Heifers 1st Comrie Stonebyres 430kg, £1010 AJB Forrest, Hillend.

                     2nd Lindsay Kepscaith, 352kg £880 Fairfull, Muirhead.

CH Blks 1st Campbell Easter Haprew 324kg, £1180 Waddell, Herdmanston.

              2nd Orr Dykehead 334kg, £930 Barr Hallhill.

Chx Hfr 1st Smellie Posso Manor, 304kg £1200 Thom, Goosehill.

               2nd Smellie Posso Manor, 284kg, £1150 D Howat.

BBx Blk 1st McGarva, Nether Abington 388kg, £1000, Kennedy Bogside.

               2nd Cockburn Kingside 272kg £1120, Mr A Wylie.

               3rd Comrie, Stonebyres 446kg £1080, J & M Anderson, Galston.

BBx Hfrs 1st Hyslop, Netherton 286kg £1080, D Howat

                2nd Comrie, Stonebyres 430kg £1150, R Harvie, Mayfield.

                3rd McGregor, Nether Abington 354kg £1100, C Morrison.

Unhaltered Blks 1st Orr, Dykehead (Limx) 274kg £640 Waddell, Herdmanston.

                              2nd Orr Dykehead (Chx) 256kg £820 Waddell, Herdmanston.

Unhaltered Hfrs 1st Orr, Lawhead (Chx) 342kg £900 C Richardson, YFC.

Pen 4 Blks – T Laird & Son, Carbello 422kg £1060 Barr Hallhill.

Pen 4 Hfrs – T Laird & Son, Carbello, 402kg £940 Cuthbertson Thripwood


Bullocks £ per head

200-250kg £1000, £950 Easter Happrew, £660 Greenwall

251-300kg £1120 Kingside, £980 Netherton, £950 Townhead of Dolphinton

301-350kg £1260 Hartside, £1180, £1120 Easter Happrew, £1020 Townhead of Dolphinton

351-400kg £1020 Sunnyside, £1000 Nether Abington, £980 Mid Shawtonhill & Laidlawstiel

401-450kg £1120 Hillend, £1080 Stonebyres, £1060 Sunnyside & Stonebyres, £1030 Drumalbin

451+kg £1200 Wester Whitecastle, £1180 Barr, £1170 Laidlawstiel, £1140 Tippethill


Bullocks p per head

200-250kg 438.6p, 435.8p Easter Happrew, 264 Greenwall

251-300kg 411.8p Kingside, 344.2p Townhead of Dolphinton, 333.3p Netherton 328.5p Langshaw

301-350kg 381.8 Hartside, 364.2, 331.4p Easter Happrew, 309.1p Townhead, 300.6p Posso.

351-400kg 275.3p Laidlawstiel, 272.2p W Shawtonhill, 269.9p Posso, 261.5p Sunnyside

401-450kg 252.3p Hillend, 251.2p Sunnyside, 250p, 245.4p Stonebyres, 240.7p Drumalbin

451+kg 238.3p Easter Happrew & Windshields, 230.3p Laidlawstiel, 225.5p Easter Happrew

Heifers £ per head

200-250kg £720 Easter Happrew

251-300 £1150 Posso, £1080 Netherton, £980 Townhead of Dolphinton

301-350kg £1200 Posso, £1100 Greenwall, £900 Netherton & Lawhead, £880 Mid Shawtonhill

351-400kg £1100 Nether Abington, £1010 Stonebyres, 3960 Nether Abington, £920 Drumalbin & Sunnyside

401-450kg £1150, £1010 Stonebyres, £1010 Prettsmill, £980 Gilmeadowland

451+kg £1290 Easter Happrew, £1260 Dyke (Auchinleck), £1150, £1110 Tippethill.


Heifers p per kg

200-250kg 295.1p Easter Happrew

251-300kg 404.9 Posso, 377.6p Netherton, 350 Townhead, 281.3p Laidlawstiel

301-350kg 394.7p Posso, 348.1 Greenwall, 272.7p Netherton, 263.2p Lawhead

351-400kg 310.7p Nether Abington, 267.2p Stonebyres, 250 Kepscaith, 240.8 Drumalbin

401-450kg 267.4p Stonebyres, 234.9 Stonebyres, 233.8p Sunnyside, 230.6 Prettsmill

451+kg 256.1p Dyke, 235.4p Easter Happrew, 212.5p 212.2p, 211.8p Tippethill.