Tue 13 October [2nd Annual Suckled Calves...]

2nd Annual Suckled Calves Show & Sale

Sale Date: Tue 13 October

Lawrie & Symington had forward 923 Suckled Calves at their 2nd Annual Sale with a superb show of stock and a packed ringside. The show itself was judged by Mr A. Taylor, Heatheryhall who found his Champion in a 352kg Lim blk from Hartside Farms which later realised £1,250 to the judge with the Reserve Champion a Lim hfr scaling 250kg from Allanton Farming selling to £1,700 to Miss Kelly Blackwood, Auldtoun Cottage.

 Sale averages

506 Blks – averaged 381kg, £924.01 or 240.1p per kg. (- 25p per kg on the year)

417 Hfrs – averaged 365kg, £844.13 or 231.4p per kg. (- 17p per kg on the year)

 Top prices

Per head – Blks - £1,250 (Ch) Laidlawstiel, £1,250 (Lim) Hartside, £1,170 (Brb) Stonebyres, £1,160 (Lim) West Quarter, £1,160 (Lim) Allanton, £1,140 (Ch) Lightshaw, £1,140 (Lim) Allanton, £1,130 (Lim) Lochlyoch, £1,130 (Ch) Easter Happrew, £1,130 (Ch) Scrogton, £1,110 (Ch) Dykehead, £1,110 (Lim) Allanton, £1,110 (Lim) Kepscaith, £1,100 (Lim) Lochlyoch, £1,100 (Lim) Kailzie Mains, £1,100 (Lim) Nether Abington. Hfrs - £1,700 (Lim) Allanton, £1,290 (Lim) Mid Auchengray, £1,280 (Brb) Netherton, £1,280 (Brb) Stonebyres, £1,280 (Brb) Lochurd, £1,200 (Ch) Easter Happrew, £1,140 (Lim) Bickerton Hall, £1,120 (Brb0 Stonebyres, £1,110 (Lim) Nether Abington, £1,100 (Lim) Bickerton Hall, £1,090 (Lim) Kailzie Mains, £1,070 (Ch) Easter Happrew, £1,070 (Brb) Lochurd, £1,060 (Brb) Netherton, £1,060 (Brb) Lochurd, £1,050 Lightshaw.

 Per kg – Blks – 355.1p (Lim) Hartside, 354.2p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 344.2p (Lim) Allanton, 318.2p (Lim) Greenwalls, 315.8p (Ch) Easter Happrew, 314.1p, 313.2p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 310.87p (Lim) Allanton. 309.7p (Lim) Greenwall, 308.4p (Ch) Townhead, 305.6p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 303.3p (Lim) Greenwall, 299.3p (Ch) Laidlawstiel, 297.6p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 296.7p (Ch) Lightshaw. Hfrs – 680p (Lim) Allanton, 387.9p, 327.2p (Brb) Netherton, 317.1p (Ch) Dykehead, 313.7p (Brb) Stonebyres, 310.6p (Lim) Allanton, 304.6p (Ch) Easter Happrew, 299.2p (Ch) Laidlawstiel, 294.1p (Ch) West Park Farm, 285.4p (Lim) Mid Auchengray, 269.1p (Ch) Lightshaw, 266.2p (Ch) Dykehead, 265.8p (Ch) Easter Harprew, 260.5p (Lim) Hillridge. 


Reserve Champion