2nd Suckled Calves 13th Oct...

2nd Suckled Calves 13th Oct 2015

Lawrie & Symington had forward 923 Suckled Calves at their 2nd Annual Sale with a superb show of stock and a packed ringside. The show itself was judged by Mr A. Taylor, Heatheryhall who found his Champion in a 352kg Lim blk from Hartside Farms which later realised £1,250 to the judge with the Reserve Champion a Lim hfr scaling 250kg from Allanton Farming selling to £1,700 to Miss Kelly Blackwood, Auldtoun Cottage.

 Sale averages

506 Blks – averaged 381kg, £924.01 or 240.1p per kg. (- 25p per kg on the year)

417 Hfrs – averaged 365kg, £844.13 or 231.4p per kg. (- 17p per kg on the year)