Peter Campbell, 26,...

Peter Campbell, 26, apprentice livestock auctioneer at L&S


Peter Campbell, 26, apprentice livestock auctioneer at Lawrie & Symington

Peter Campbell, 26, has recently secured a position as a trainee auctioneer with Lanark based Lawrie & Symington, one of Scotland’s premier agricultural and livestock auctioneers.

Peter, who currently works a flock of Texel’s on a farm near Cumbernauld, was offered the opportunity by Lawrie & Symington thanks to well-rounded knowledge of farming, livestock and enthusiasm for agriculture.


When Peter was younger, he enjoyed helping on farms in his spare time. At the age of 18, he went on to study an undergraduate degree in Biomedicine at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2013 with a BSC Honours degree.


Peter, commented: “Since becoming a trainee with Lawrie & Symington there have been lots of opportunities for personal and professional development. Day to day, working alongside the auctioneers has been particularly helpful. I have built a good rapport with a number of the farmers who come here to sell their livestock and am hugely enjoying the position.”


In his new role as a trainee auctioneer, Peter’s main responsibilities include; liaising with farmers, valuation and analysis of livestock, building up a client base, attending market days and sorting animals to sell, and encouraging farmers to come down to the mart on sale days.


Peter said: “Auctioneering is a challenging but also hugely rewarding profession that takes years of practice to become good at. I look after the sale of calves and poultry which take place once every two weeks and assist the other auctioneers during the weekly livestock sales.”


As part of training to become an auctioneer, Peter attends Harper Adams University where he is studying a three-year course in Livestock Market Operations and Management. Once complete, Peter will be a fully qualified FIA (Scot) certified auctioneer.


Peter said: “I’m grateful to Lawrie & Symington for this opportunity and for the continued advice and support I receive from more experienced auctioneers.  In the long-term, I hope to continue to build relationships with customers and the wider farming community, as well as to build and develop different skills and to become a well-rounded auctioneer.”