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To avoid a backlog at BVD testing laboratories we would advise you give this matter your urgent attention TEST YOUR HERD   STORE AND BREEDING CATTLE You must continue to test your herd every year using one of the approved testing methods, please be aware the number of testing options available has... Read More »

Lanark Monday 27th July 2015 Averages

1658 Lbs av 145.6 1314 SQQ av 146.7 685 Ewes av £53.38 5 Dairy Prime Cattle av 166 22 Beef Prime Cattle av 227 32 Beef Cows av 128 60 Dairy Cows av 90.1 Read More »


All classes of Store Lambs any size, any breed. Farm to Farm sales offered if preferred. We have one client looking to purchase a large quantity of Scotch Mule Wedder Lambs. Please contact Tom Struthers 07880 527067 Read More »

Extra Store Cattle Sale added. Monday 3rd August

Our next store sale was scheduled for the 11 th August. We feel this is a big gap between sales so to get our sales in to sync for the autumn calendar have added an extra Store Sale on Monday 3 rd August. *** Next Store Sale will be Monday 3rd August followed by Tuesday 11th August and fortnightly... Read More »

Lanark Monday 20th July 2015 Averages

1309 Lbs av 153.3 992 SQQ av 154.2 671 Ewes av £56.52 13 Dairy Prime Cattle av 151.8 40 Beef Prime Cattle av 220.1 50 Beef Cows av 128.2 59 Dairy Cows av 97.9 5 Cast Bulls av 106.7 1 Dairy Cattle av £1180 Store Cattle Top Prices Blks £1225 Hfrs £1245 Read More »


 All classes of STORE CATTLE, STIRKS, WEANED CALVES, YOUNG BULLS etc. Trade very firm. Next sale at Lanark 20 th July at 11.30am. We can also offer a farm to farm sale if this suits your requirements as we have many clients actively seeking to purchase cattle at this time. Please contact Tom... Read More »

Lanark 13th July 2015 Averages

1505 Lbs av 155.5 1205 SQQ av 157.3 757 Ewes av £61.61 15 Dairy Prime Cattle av 160.2 30 Beef Prime Cattle av 231.5 33 Beef Cows av 129.5 50 Dairy Cows av 102.6 3 Cast Bulls av 100.1 Read More »


EX COMPANY CAR AUDI A5 TDI S-LINE 63 REG, 33,000 MILES CONTACT ALISTAIR MUIRHEAD ON 07799 890503 Click more information for photos Read More »

Lanark Monday 6th July 2015 Averages

941 Lbs av 164.5 795 SQQ av 165.0 398 Ewes av £70.93 17 Dairy Prime Cattle av 159.6 23 Beef Prime Cattle av 231.7 41 Beef Cows av 130.1 28 Dairy Cows av 103.1 2 Cast Bulls av 100.4 Read More »