Wed 27 November [Weekly Primestock Sale -...]

Weekly Primestock Sale - Wednesday 27th of November 2013

Sale Date: Wed 27 November


28 Prime Cattle

Bullocks(10): Prime bullocks averaged 248.3ppk and sold to 259ppk twice Limousins from Nether Myres purchased by WE Fairlie of Letham and J Chapman of Wishaw and £1670 gross for a Limousin from Nether Myres purchased by WE Fairlie of Letham.

Top prices include: Nether Myres (Lim) at 252ppk; Nether Myres (Lim) at 250ppk; Gask (Cont) at 249ppk.

Heifers(18): Prime heifers averaged 249.3ppk and sold to 264ppk for a Limousin from Mill of Inverarity purchased by CG Fleming of Arbroath and £1581 gross for a Limousin from Nether Myres purchased by CG Fleming of Arbroath.

Top prices include: West Bog (Lim) at 262ppk; Nether Myres (Lim X) at 262ppk; Mill of Inverarity (Cont) at 261ppk.


Sheep (789)

Prime Sheep (628): 628 averaged 167.4ppk and sold to 227.9ppk and £100 gross.

628 Prime lambs

3 medium lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged163.7ppk – Top 164.1ppk for BF from Cairnton

Whitefield view (Tex) £57; Cairnton (BF) £64.

 389 standard lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 171.3ppk – Top 227.9ppk for Bel from Kinrive

M Tullo (Tex) £80; Balchristie (Tex) £75; Kinrive (Bel) £98, £90; Todhall (Bel) £90; Templeton (Suff) £78; Tomlea (Suff) £75; Cairnton (Chev) £74, £70; Haymont (Char) £75.20; Tomlea (Mule) £70.50; Cairnton (Mule) £70; Ashburn (Mule) £69; Ashburn (BF) £68

169 heavy lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 162.4ppk – Top 215.5ppk for Beltex from Scobshaugh

M Tullo (Tex) £86; Kinclaven (Tex) £83; Scobshaugh (Bel) £100, £93 twice; Kinrive (Bel) £90; Haymont (Suff) £81; Southtown of Melgund (Suff) £80 twice; Balconnel (Suff) £79; Fallaw (Cont) £83; Balconnel (Cont) £81; Cairncortie (Cont) £80; Ashburn (Mule) £74

19 super lambs (52.1 +kgs) averaged 145.0ppk – Top 152.4ppk for Suffolk from Southtown of Melgund

 Cairncortie (Tex) £80.50; Kinclaven (Tex) £80; Southtown of Melgund (Suff) £80 twice £79.50

Prime Lambs: Top prices include;

Scobshaugh (Bel) £100; Kinrive 2.77ppk; M Tullo (Tex) £86, 1.87ppk; Kinclaven (Cont) £83; Balchristie 1.80ppk; Haymont (Suff) £81; Tomlea 1.78ppk; Cairnton (Chev) £74, 1.80ppk; Ashburn (Mule) £74; Cairnton 1.66ppk; Ashburn (BF) £68, 1.65ppk.

Ewes (161)


Kinrive (Bel) £84; Balbrydie £78; Balbrydie (Tex) £77.50; E Backburn (Cont) £63.50; Balbrydie (Suff) £78; Kinrive (Chev) £41.50; E Backburn (Mule) £52.50; Clachan of Struan £30