Wed 20 November [Wednesday Primestock Sale - ...]

Wednesday Primestock Sale - 20.11.2013

Sale Date: Wed 20 November

Wednesday Primestock Sale


Prime Cattle

Bullocks(9): Prime Bullocks averaged 254.4ppk and sold to 278ppk for a Limousin from Nether Myres purchased by WE Fairlie of Letham and £1927 gross for a BRB from Gask purchased by J Chapman of Wishaw.

Top prices included: Nether Myres (Lim)) at 269ppk; Craignathro (X Lim) at 255ppk; Gask (BRB) at 252ppk.

Heifers (20): Prime Heifers averaged 255ppk and sold to 282ppk for a Limousin from West Bog purchased by CG Fleming & Sons of Arbroath and £1618 gross for a Limousin from Pityot purchased by Yorke’s of Dundee.

Top prices include: Nether Myres (Lim) at 279ppk; West Bog (X Lim) at 279ppk; Nether Myres (Con) at 274ppk.

OTM 28 cows & 1 bull – Cows to 134.3ppk Glensaugh

Here £1005 Balmossie ; Sim £855 Downiebank; Char X £845 Woodhill; AA Bull £1495 Burnside.

Prime Sheep

Sold 1212 prime sheep and cast ewes (989) averaged 166.3ppk and sold to 232.9ppk and £99 gross.

989 prime lambs average 166.3ppk21 light lambs (25-32kgs) averaged 153ppk-top 156.3ppk for Tex from Clatto.

Clatto (Tex) £50; Croft of Cultalonie (Tex) £50.

91 medium lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 165.5ppk-top 179ppk for Con from Kirkton of Kingoldrum.

Balmydown (Tex) £65.80; Glensaugh (Tex) £64.50; Clatto (Suff) £56.50; Kirkton of Kingoldrum (Cont) £69.80

523 standard lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 170.7ppk-top 232.9ppk for Bel from Scobshaugh

Meikle Tullo (Tex) £81; Whitemyre (Tex) £79; Scobshaugh (Bel) £99, £98 & £90; Goddens (Bel) £85,£84; Haymont (Suff) 78.50; Goddens (Suff) £77.50; Kirkton of Kingoldrum (Cont) £78; Westerton (Mule) £69.

262 heavy lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 162.3ppk-top 213.0ppk for Bel from Scobshaugh

Haymont (Tex) £88, £85; Ejay (Tex) £82; Balconnel (Tex) £80; Scobshaugh (Bel) £98, £95; Balconnel (Suff) £80; Haymont (Suff) £79; Afflochie (Suff) £77.50; Haymont (Cont) £81.50; Greenford (Cont) £79.50; Meikle Tullo (Cont) £79.

40 super lambs (52.1 +kgs) averaged 150.3ppk-top 160.4ppk for Suff from Southtown of Melgund

Haymont (Tex) £87 twice; Southtown of Melgund (Suff) £86.50, £85; Gibsonhall (Suff) £82; Ejay (Cont) £83.50; Haymont (Cont) £81.50.


Leading prices per head and per kg

Gibsonhall (Suff) £82; Goddans 174.2ppk; Haymont (Tex) £88; Meikle Tullo 184.1ppk; Kirkton of Kingoldrum (Cont) £78; Kirkton of Kingoldrum 179.0ppk; Scobshaugh (Bel) £99; Scobshaugh 232.9ppk; Westerton (Mule) £69; Westerton 158.6ppk; Westerton (BF) £62.50; Westerton 160.3ppk.

Cast Ewes

Whitemyre (Tex) £68; Haymont £65.50; Over Baldinnie (Tex) £64.50; Whitemyre £61.50; Over Baldinnie (Suff) £64.50; Broadshade £47.50; Coiliamy (Mule) £57; Glensaugh £53.50; Glansaugh (BF) £43.50; Over Baldinnie (Chev) £40; Kinnaird £40; Scotstoun (Chev) £40

Cast Rams

Whitemyre (Tex) £74.50; Balmydown (LLE) £69.50