Wed 29 October [Wednesday, 29th October, 2014]

Wednesday, 29th October, 2014

Sale Date: Wed 29 October

Lawrie & Symington had forward 23 Cattle and 1205 Prime and Cast sheep comprising 901 Prime Sheep and 304 Cast Ewes and Rams.


Bullocks (8) averaged 224p or £1439.48 and Heifers (8) averaged 253.8p or £1491.15.

Top Price in the cattle ring was 272p for a Lim X BB Heifer consigned by Craignathro Farms Ltd.

Top Prices per kg. –

Heifers (Lightweight) –

Lim. 264p & 256p Craignathro; Cont. 260p Nether Myres; Lim.X BB 272p Craignathro; BP 268p West Bog.

Heifers (Heavyweight) –

Lim. 236p Craignathro; Cont. 246p Nether Myres; Lim.X 228p West Bog.

Top Prices per head -

Heifers –

BB X Lim. £1588.48 Craignathro; Lim. £1565.52 Craignathro; Cont. £1551.72 West Bog; BP £1538.56 Craignathro.

Bullocks (Heavyweight) -

Lim. 224p (twice) Todhall and  222p Todhall.

Bullocks (Lightweight) –

Cont. 254p (twice)  and 252p Nether Myres; Sim. X 206p Denmark.

Young Bulls –

AA 162p Denmark

Cast Cows (6) ave. 102.6p or £781.67

Short. £930 and £890 Craigeassie; AA £800 Wolflaw

Cast Bulls sold to £1030 or 110.6p from Wolflaw

Prime Lambs (901) averaged 150.9p per kilo or £67.16 a head (plus 3.9p) on the week. Average weight was 45.1kg. Prime Lambs sold to a top of 178.1p for a pen of Texel Cross Lambs from Anne Stanley, Foodie Farm.


Top Prices per head –

Tex. £94 Hallhill; Beltex £87 Hallhill; Dutch Texel £84 Mains of Dalrulzion; Cont. £83 Hallhill; Char. £80 Mains of Dalrulzion; Rouge £79.50 Hallhill; Suff. £79 Mains of Dalrulzion; Down £76 Little Raith.

Top Prices per kg –

Tex. 178.1p Foodie; Beltex 176.8p Mains of Dalrulzion; Dutch Texel 173.8p Blinkbonny; Cont. 171.4p Shandford; Char. 170.7p Baltanterach (Dinnet); Rouge 169.1p Blinkbonny; Suff. 168.9p Mains of Dalrulzion; Down 167.9p Blinkbonny.

A Great Show of Heavy Ewes forward today making this centre one of the dearest all week.

Light Ewes (94) averaged £50.20.  Heavy Ewes (193) averaged £74.90

Tex. £101 Nether Pratis; Cont. £100 Balgersho; H.B. £100 & £98 Hallhill; Char. £99 Foodie; Dutch Texel £98 Hole ‘O’ Clean; Down £96 Hole ‘O’ Clean; Mule £72 Shandford; X £65 Kirkton of Lundie; Chev. £60 Kinrive; Scotch Blackface £50 Ashmore, £49 Newton of Crathie.

Cast Rams –

Char. £91 Kirkton of Lundie; Texel £90 Hallhill