Wed 21 May [Wednesday 21st May 2014]

Wednesday 21st May 2014

Sale Date: Wed 21 May

Primestock Sale Report

Wednesday 21st May 2014


Prime Cattle (16)

Bullocks (4): averaged 229.2ppk and sold to 235ppk (twice) for Lim from Nether Myres, purchased by J Champan of Wishaw, and £1555 for a Lim from Nether Myres, purchased by J Chapman of Wishaw.

Top prices include: Mill of Inverarity (Lim) at 230ppk; South Ballo (Lim X) at 217ppk.


Heifers (12): averaged 235.8ppk and sold to 281ppk for a Lim from West Bog, purchased by JB Penman of Crail and £1705 gross for the same animal.

Top prices include: Nether Myres (Lim) at 246ppk; Craignathro (Lim) at 235ppk; Mill of Inverarity (Cont X) at 229ppk.


Sheep (354)

NSL (85): 85 averaged 246.3ppk. 23 SQQ’s averaged 252.5ppk

Prime Lambs: Southtown(Tex) £136- 289.4ppk; Southtown (Suf) £134- 282.1ppk; Upper Tulloes (Tex) £120- 250.5ppk; Over Baldinnie(Suf) £120- Southtown 275.6ppk;

Prime Hoggs: 205 averaged 194.9ppk. 88 SQQ’s averaged 200.6ppk.

Greenford (Suf) £120-228.6ppk; Muirhouses (Tex) £117-Greenford 226.7ppk; Croft of Cultalonie (Cont) £104-219.0ppk; Newmill of Inshewan £93-202.2ppk.


Ewes & Rams (63): Drimmie (Suf) £113.50- Stanley-£100 (Twice); West Gormack (BFL) £80.50; Newbigging of Craighall (Tex) £68.50; Drumrack (Mule) £63.50; Bankhead (Cont) £55; Mains of Creuchies (BF) £64.50;


27 Lambs forward for judging. Champion was a pair from Messrs Howden, Stanley, scaling 47kgs selling at £146 to Scott Brothers, Dundee or 310ppk.

Reserve Champion went to Messrs Learmouth, Oathlaw with a pair of 48kgs selling at £124 to Kennedy Butchers, Forfar or 258.1ppk.


Best Single Lamb was awarded to Messers Howden, Stanley for a single Suffolk scaling 48kg selling at £124 or 258ppk, to Kennedy Butchers, Blairgowrie.