Tue 25 November [TUESDAY, 25TH NOVEMBER, 2014]


Sale Date: Tue 25 November


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had on offer 300 Suckled Calves and Store Cattle, 50 Breeding Cattle and 822 Store Sheep at their sale on Tuesday.

With a mix show of cattle on offer well bred types maintained recent rates while weathered sorts were easier.  

Weaned Calves

Bullocks (69) sold to £1000 for 470kg AA’s from A.H. Riach, Northbank and to 262.3p for 305kg Lim’s from Burnside Farms to average 221.5p.

Heifers (87) sold to £1070 for 535 kg Lim’s from McDiarmid Bros, Ben Lawers and to 269.3p for 375kg also from the same consignor  to average 205.9p.

Leading Prices per kilo –

Bullocks –

Lim. 247.8p West Leys, 229.4p Burnside Farms, 224.6p Glensaugh; Char. 238.8p Laighwood, 237.9p Glensaugh; RoX 240p Meikle Coul Farms; A.A. 213.9p Dunlappie, 213.6p Sheildrum; BSh 214.3p West Leys; LU.X 188.9p Sorne Highlanders.

Heifers –

Lim. 232.7p Burnside Farms, 232.4p Meikle Coul, 211.4p Laighwood; Char. 229.2p Laighwood, 204.1p Glensaugh; LuX 196p Wester Keillor, 193.6p Sorne Highlanders; A.A.x 210.5p Burnside Farms, 200p Wester Keillor; BSh. 190.2p Wester Keillor, 155.3p Sorne Highlanders.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £910 Ben Lawers, £900 Meikle Coul Farms & West Leys, £800 Burnside Farms;  Char. £870 Laighwood, £690 Glensaugh; RoX £960 Meikle Coul Farms; AA £770 Dunlappie, £630 Shieldrum; Bsh £750 West Leys; Lu.X £510 Sorne Highlanders.

Heifers –

Lim. £1010 Ben Lawers, £860 Meikle Coul, £740 Laighwood; Char. £640 Laighwood, £500 Glensaugh; LuX £910 Sorne Highlanders, £490 Wester Keillor; A.A.x £730 Burnside Farms, £710 Dunlappie; Bsh. £590 Sorne Highlanders, £470 Wester Keillor.

Store Cattle

Bullocks (67) sold to £1200 (twice) for 505 kg Lim and 515kg Lim from Messrs T.M. & R. Wilson, Wairds of Alpity and to 277.4p for 310kg Lim from the Firm of Peter Alexander, Mains of Mause to average 235.7p.

Heifers (77) sold to £1230 for 540kg Lim from Messrs T.M. & R. Wilson, Wairds of Alpity and to 242.4p for 495kg Lims from K. Webster, Whitefield to average 217.3p.

Leading Prices per kilo –

Bullocks –

Lim. 276.7p Mains of Mause, 239.5p Whitehills,237.6p Wairds of Alpity; Char. 243.2p Whitehills; Sim. 239.1p Suttieside, 223.9p Baldastard, 209p Balcalk; BRB 232p Whitehills.

Heifers –

Lim. 231.6p Wairds of Alpity, 225.5p Rosemount of Callange, 202.1p Balcalk; Char. 230.8p Whitehills, 230.8p Wairds of Alpity; Sim. 231.7p Baldastard, 229p Newbigging of Craighall, 213.7p Little Ballo; LuX 203.7p Runavey; BRB 225p Whitehills, 180.2p Herhillmuir; A.A. 212.5p Shieldrum.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks -

Lim. £1170 Wairds of Alpity, £1040 Baldastard, £910 Whitehills; Char. £900 Whitehills; Simm. £1100 Suttieside, £1030 Baldastard, £930 Balcalk; BRB £870 Whitehills.

Heifers –

Lim. £1200 Whitefield, £1190 Wairds of Alpity, £1150 Rosemount of Callange; Char. £1200 Wairds of Alpity; £900 Whitehills; Sim. £1140 Knowehead, £1100 Little Ballo, £1030 Wairds of Alpity; LuX £1100 Runavey; BRB £910 Herdhillmuir, £900 Whitehills; AA £910 Shieldrum.


Leading Prices per kg –

Char. 223.7p Turfbeg; Bsh. 209.8p Turfbeg; Simm 205.6p Newbigging of Craighead.

Leading Prices per head –

Char. £850 Turfbeg; Bsh. £860 Turfbeg; Simm. £820 Mosside.



In-Calf Heifers –

Lim. £1340 Rosemount of Callange, £1160 Roepark, £1120 Roepark.

In-Calf Cows –

Blonde £920 & £880 Northbank; A.A. £800;  High. £600 Northbank.

Cows with Calves at foot –

BBx with Bull Calf £1650 Ballinloan; A.A. with Bull Calf £1220 Turfbeg.





Store Lambs (459)

Tex. £69.50 Gyratesmyre, £67.50 West Bogton, £67 West Bogton; Suff. £61 West Bogton; B.F. £60 Hunthill Est.,  £49 Gannochy Est.; X £57 Inveredrie; Jacob £31 East Lodge.

Gimmers (4) –

B.F. £78 Balblythe

Ewes (38) –

Jacob £62 East Lodge, B.F. £36 Runavey

Feeding Ewes (21) –

B.F. £43 Runavey; £36 Hunthill Est.

Rams (7) –

Tex. (2shr) £170 Westhall and Whitehills, £100 Easter Frew; B.F. Leic. (2 shr) £80 & £60 Easter Frew.