Tue 13 January [Tuesday, 13th January, 2015]

Tuesday, 13th January, 2015

Sale Date: Tue 13 January


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 186 Store Cattle and 426 Store Sheep.


Trade once again met a very strong demand, but due to adverse weather conditions, there was a reduced number of cattle forward leaving buyers going home disappointed.

Bullocks (84) sold to 277.2p for 285 kg BAx from Messrs J.J. & I Murdoch, Droystone and to £1350 for 635kg AA from I.W. Hair, Barnhill to average 230.1p.

Heifers (102) sold to 242.5p for 400 kg Lim. from Messrs R. Simpson & Son, Mains of Creuchies and to £1170 (twice) for 535kg AA from J. Duff & Son, Waterside of Thornton and for 495kg Lim. from the Firm of J.C. Orr, Baldastard to average 221.5p.

Leading Prices per kg –

Bullocks –

Char. 240p Dunlappie, 210.9p Haymount; Lim. 259p Chapelton, 237.4p Baldastard, 235.9p Barnhill; A.A. 246.2p Dunlappie, 231.4p Wairds, 230p Balcalk; A.A.x 277.2p Droystone; BRB 245.9p Balaterach; Short. 220.4p Cowhillock, 215.4p Auchenleish Farms; Luing 212.4p Kinrossie.

Heifers –

Char. 216.8p and 207.8p Haymount, 200p Dunlappie; Lim. 242.5p Mains of Creuchies, 239.3p Balaterach, 237.5p Faith Farms; Baz. 241.7p and 219.2p Faith Farms; A.A. 231p Wairds, 223.5p Dunlappie, 222.2p Turfbeg;  BAx 233.3p Droystone; BRB 215.1p Denbrae, 195.9 Herdhillmuir.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Char. £1160 Haymount;  Lim. £1250 Barnhill, £1170 Waterside of Thornton, £1100 Middleton of Dalrulzion and Baldastard; A.A. £1000 Balcalk, £980 Wairds; Short. £1120 Auchenleish Farms, £1080 Cowhillock; Luing £1030 Kinrossie.

Bullock Calves –

Char. £660 Dunlappie; A.A. £880 Kinrossie; BAx £790 Droystone; BRB £750 Balaterach.

Heifers –

Char. £1160 and £1070 Haymount; Lim. £1090 Middleton of Dalrulzion; £1050 Herdhillmuir, £990 Denbrae; BA £1160 and £1030 Faith Farms; A.A. £1000 Denbrae, £990 Barnhill; BRB £1000 Denbrae, £950 Herdhillmuir.

Heifer Calves –

Char. £510 Dunlappie; A.A. £820 Wairds; A.A.x £700 Droystone.


Store Hoggets sold to a very strong demand to a good ringside of buyers.

Store Hoggets (426) sold to £80 for Texel Hoggets from Messrs Swain, New Gilston.

Leading Prices per head –

Suff.  £76 New Gilston; Suff.X £72.50 Chapelton; Down £71.50 Tomlea; Tex. £70 Westtown of Barras; Tex.X £69 Westtown of Barras; Cross £67.50 Tomlea; Rye. £58 Bonfield Park; Cont. £57 Newbigging of Craighall; B.F. £56 Hunthill Estate, £54 Glenlethnot; Rye.X £35 Bonfield Park.