Tue 29 July [Store and Breeding Sale...]

Store and Breeding Sale Report Tuesday 29th July 2014

Sale Date: Tue 29 July

Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 129 Store and Breeding Cattle.

With a packed ringside of buyers in attendance from Aberdeen, Perth, Stirling and locally, more cattle could have easily been sold today.

This was an extra sale today, that the company had pencilled in. Auctioneer, Willie Paterson thanked all consigners and buyers for supporting the sale.

Store cattle were a flying trade. Top price was £1325 for two Charolais stots consigned by Messrs Walker, Mosside.

Top Prices;

Bullocks: Char, £1325, Mosside; AA £1185, £1165, £1125, Barnhill; Sim, £1115, Wester Coull;

Heifers; AA, £1015, £915, Forehill; AAX £995, £905, Cranley; Lim X £985, £965, Kinrive;

Young Bulls; Cont £995, £965, Mosside; Lim, £1065, £925, Turfbeg;

Top Prices per Kilo;

Bullocks; Lim 228.4p, Barnhill; AA 221p, Barnhill; 211p & 210p, Cranley; Cont, 208.6p, Mosside;

Heifers; AA, 231.6p & 213.6p Forehill; BBX 216p, Guildyden; AAX 211p & 210p, Cranley; Lim 222p & 221p, Kinrive

Young Bulls; Sim, 221p & 212p Mosside; Lim 204p, Turfbeg.


Breeding Cattle (40 Sold)

Top prices was £2250 from a trememdous Sim Heifer with a Lim Bull Calf from West Park Farm, Auchterarder.

Heifers with calves

Sim Heifers & bull calf £2250, West Park;

Hereford Heifer & Heifer calf £1800, Wester Bleaton;

Lim Heifer & Heifer Calf, £2000, £1900, Turfbeg;

Sim Heifer & Heifer Calf £1900, £1850, Turfbeg;


Cows with Calves

Lim Cow & Heifer Calf £1880, £1550, £1520, Turfbeg;

Sim Cow & Heifer Calf £1420, West Park;