Tue 19 August [Store and Breeding Sale...]

Store and Breeding Sale Report Tuesday 19th August 2014

Sale Date: Tue 19 August

Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 136 Store and Breeding Cattle.

Store Cattle were easily sold with a good ringside of buyers in today despite some at harvest.

Top Price was £1580 for a Limousin bullock from Raymond Martyn, Wester Bleaton or to 243.4p for a Limousin off Cairntack.

Bullocks (40) av 218.7p on £1027.75

Heifers (31) av 192.4p or £871.29

Top Prices;

Bullocks: Lim, £1580, Wester Bleaton; Sim £1380, Craigend; Cont £1270, Mains of Creuchies; Lim X £1260, £1240 & £1160, Craigend; BB £1140, £1100 & £1070 Craigend;

Heifers; AA, £1180 & £1130, Craigend; Sim £1120, Denbrae; Lim X £1100 & 1010, Craigend;

Top Prices per Kilo;

Bullocks; Lim, 243.4p, 234.6p & 234.2p, Cairntack; Char 232.3p, Newbigging of Craighall; Sim 231.3p, Cairntack;

Heifers; Sim 213.3p, Denbrae; AA 212.9p Forehill; Lim X 210.8p, Mains of Creuchies;


Breeding Cattle

Sim Cow & Twins £1600, Wester Bleaton