Sat 5 April [Saturday 5th April 2014]

Saturday 5th April 2014

Sale Date: Sat 5 April

Saturday 5th April 2014

Lawrie & Symington Ltd-FORFAR MART sold 29 YF Cattle,

528 Store & Breeding Cattle


YF Cattle: Angus Tayside Over Wintering Calf Competition was held at Forfar Mart, 29 cattle were forward for the show & sale.

16 Strs av 254.6ppk; 13 Hfrs av 234.7ppk

Overall Champion was a 505 kg Lim Hfr from Stewart Lawrie, Brechin YF selling to 285.2ppk and £1440.

Reserve Champion was a 420kg Lim Hfr from Matthew Steel, Forfar YF selling to 305ppk and £1280.

Opposite Sex to Champion was from Daniel Fleming, Forfar YF, this 485kg Lim Str sold to 255.7ppk and £1240.


Store Bullocks (268): averaged 242.6ppk, top price 312.1ppk for a 455kg Limousin from Cairnleith and to £1480 for a 645kg from Bank of Gallery.

Store Heifers (258): averaged 231.6ppk and sold to 277.5ppk for 400kg from Tipperty Farms Ltd and to £1290 for a 515kg Limousin from Kininmonth.

Bullocks: 301-350kg £890 Sketewan-254.2pk; 351-400kg £1080 Cairnleith-270ppk Auchenleish; 401-450kg £1220 Cairnleith-274.1ppk; 451-500kg £1420 Cairnleith-312.ppk; 501-550kg £1320 Meadows of Ballied-240ppk; 551-600kg £1380 West Denside-233.8ppk; 601-650kg £1480 Bank of Gallery-229.4ppk; 651-700kg £1390 Newton of Inshewan-206ppk

Heifers: 251-300kg £720 Chamberlainknowe-240ppk; 301-350kg £820 Gyratesmyre-244ppk Third Part; 351-400ppk £1110 Tipperty-277.5ppk; 401-450ppk £1110 Govals-270.7ppk; 451-500kg £1200 Third Part, Crail-247.4ppk; 501-550kg £1290 Kininmonth-250.4ppk; 551-600kg £1180 Third Part, Crail-200ppk;

Breeding Cattle (2): Lim Cow with Heifer Calf at Foot £2050-Third Part, Crail; BBX Cow with Stot Calf at Foot £1450-Third Part, Crail.

Overall Champion was a 455 kg Lim Str from Lindsay, Cairnleith selling at £1420.

Reserve Champion was a 430kg Chx Str from Cooper, Govals selling at £1170