Sat 4 October [Saturday, 4th October, 2014]

Saturday, 4th October, 2014

Sale Date: Sat 4 October


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had on offer 532 Store Cattle and Suckled Calves at their Second Autumn Show & Sale.  With a packed ringside of buyers, and a tremendous show of cattle on offer, all classes of cattle met an outstanding trade.

The show was kindly sponsored by Alexander Gauld, Farmer & Haulage Contractor, and the judge of the day was Mr. Ian Miller, North Lurg, Midmar.

The following are his awards for the Best Pen of 4 Cattle:-

1st – W.N. Lindsay, Cairnleith – 4 BRB Steers – 470 kgs to £1300 to Mr. I. Miller, North Lurg.

2nd – R. Simpson & Son, Mains of Creuchies – 4 Lim Steers – 450 kgs to £1080 to J. & M. Anderson, Newton of Guthrie.

3rd -  P. Cooper & Son, Govals – 4 BRB Steers – 525 kgs to £1170 to Messrs H. & K. Farms.

Top Price of the sale was £1400 for a Sim. Steer scaling 715kgs from Messrs Soutar, Peasiehill to average 223.1p.

Other Leading Prices per head for Steers:-

Sim. £1380 Peasiehill, £1080 Wester Coul Farm, £990 Newbigging House, £930 Prieston; BRB £1320 Govals, £1300 Cairnleith; AA £1320 Pityot, £1270 Goddens: Char. £1300 Cairnleith, £1280 Shandford, £1230 Dalziel, £1190 Govals & Middlehill; £1100 Prieston, East Balloch, Denhead and Dalziel; Lim. £1250 Govals & Strone, £1150 The Goddens, £1130 Persie Mains & Cairnleith; £1100 East Balloch; £1010 Wester Coul Farm; Short. £1140 Dalziel, £1100 Shandford.

Heifers sold to £1240 for 610kg Charolais from P. Cooper & Son, Govals to average 227p.

Leading Prices per head for Heifers:-

Sim. £960 Tillywhally Farms, £930 Prieston, £630 Holms of Caaf; BRB £890 Tillywhally Farms;  Char. £1240 Govals, £1140 Middlehill Farm, £1110 Cairnleith & West Denside; £1040 Prieston, £1010 East Balloch, £960 Tillywhally Farms; Lim. £1230 Strone, £1170 Goddens, £1140 Mains of Creuchies, £1090 Persie Mains, £970 East Balloch, £960 Wester Coul Farm.

Leading Prices per kilo for Steers:-

Sim. 237.4p Prieston, 230.6p Newbigging, 222.7p Wester Coul Farm, 218.8p Holms of Caaf; BRB 276.6p Cairnleith, 222.9p Govals; AA 234.9p Newbigging, 224.1p Dunlappie, 223.3p Goddens, 209.9p Pityot; Char. 270.8p Cairnleith, 265.1p East Balloch, 263.2p Shandford, 261.9p Prieston, 231.1p Govals, 242.2p Middlehill; Lim. 248.7p Cairnleith, 247.5p Persie Mains, 246.9p Woodhill, 240p Mains of Creuchies, 234.8p Govals, 234p East Balloch; Shorthorn 215.7p Shandford, 210.1p Dalziel.

Leading Prices per kilo for Heifers:-

Sim. 220.7p West Field, 216.3p Prieston, 213.2p Newbigging; BRB 215.2p Westfield; AA 207.8p Newbigging, Char. 245.5 Cairnleith, 239.1p Prieston, 232.9p West Denside, 228.6p Westfield, 223.4p Middlehill, 220.8p Denhead; Lim  X 264.9p Persie Mains, 256.3p Strone, 249.4p Mains of Creuchies, 237.5p Woodhill, 226.7p Westfield.