Sat 2 November [Saturday 2nd November 2013 ...]

Saturday 2nd November 2013 Store Sale

Sale Date: Sat 2 November

Saturday 2nd November 2013

Spring Born Calves, Store & Breeding Cattle


Lawrie & Symington Ltd-FORFAR MART

205 Spring Born Steer Calves  ave 257.4ppk (+40.3p on the year) and sold to 453.3ppk and £1700 for a Chax from Cairnleith. 139 Heifer Calves ave 242.3ppk (+38p) and sold to 317.2ppk for a Lim from Newton of Logierait and £1120 for a Lim from Newhouse of Glamis.


90 Bullocks ave 233.8ppk and sold to 257.1ppk for a pen of Chax from East Balloch and £1230 for a Lim from Muirhouses.


36 Heifers ave 229.6ppk and to 250ppk for a pen of Limousins from Strone and to £1170 for Chax from East Balloch.


The Ron Stephen Trophy was Judged by Mr Douglas Rennie, Clatto Farm. Supported by Zeotis.

His awards were:

1St Prize Pen of 4 Cattle for 4 Limousin Heifers £960; 2nd Prize pen of 4 Cattle was awarded to Myreside for 4 Stots £1010; 3rd Prize Pen of 4 Cattle was awarded to Westerton for 4 Stots £900


Singles sponsored by D Lumgair, Letham

1st prize stot calf was awarded to Cairnleith £1120; 2nd prize stot calf was awarded to Cairnleith £1700; 3rd prize stot calf was awarded to Newton of Logierait £970.


1st prise heifer calf was awarded to Newton of Logierait £1030; 2nd prize heifer calf was awarded to £920; 3rd prize heifer calf was awarded to Muirhouses £1000.


Leading Stot Calf Prices:

251-300        Middlehill            BRB        £900       311.1ppk              Westerton

351-350        Over Finlarg        Lim         £1090    316ppk                

351-400        Cairnleith             Chx        £1700    453.3ppk             

401-450        Ben Lawers         Lim         £1170    266.7ppk              Middlehill

451-500        Baldastard           Lim         £1120    233.3ppk             



Leading Heifer Calf Prices:

251-300        Newton of Logierait        Lim         £920       317.2ppk                             

       301-350         Newton of Logierait        Lim         £1030    303ppk

       351-400         Gyratesmyre                     Lim         £1020    281.7ppk              Muirhouses

       401-450         Newhouse of Glamis      Lim         £1120    263.5ppk             


Leading Store Cattle Prices:


301-350        Dalziel                   Sho        £790       225.7ppk

351-400        Shandford           Chx        £990       257.1ppk              E Balloch

401-450        Shandford           Chx        £1100    252.4ppk              Strone

451-500        Muirhouses        Lim         £1230    251.0ppk

501-550        Berryhillock        Lim         £1200    230.0ppk

551-600        Northbank          AA          £1190   



301-350        East Balloch        Chx        £840       247.1ppk

351-400        Strone                  Lim         £1000    250.0ppk

401-450        Kinnaird               Bax         £1020    246.3ppk              Strone

451-500        East Balloch        Chx        £1170    238.8ppk


Breeding Cattle:


Heifer with Stot Calf £2000, West park; Heifer with Heifer Calf £2000, West Park; Simmental Bulling Heifer £1300, Mains of Dalrulzion; Hereford Bulling Heifer £990, Balmossie