Sat 1 November [Saturday, 1st November, 2014]

Saturday, 1st November, 2014

Sale Date: Sat 1 November

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had on offer 526 Spring Born Suckled Calves and Store Cattle.

Selling to a packed ringside of buyers the trade and quality of cattle were maintained throughout the sale.

The Show and Sale of Spring Born Suckled Calves was kindly sponsored by Mr. David Lumgair, Gask also East Coast Viners and Zoetis, with a combined total of £600 prizemoney on offer.

Mr. James Crichton, Loughrigg Farm, Egremont, Cumbria judged the show and his awards were as follows:-

Pen of Four Bullock Calves –

1st – Meikle Coull Farms

2nd – F.W. Richardson, Myreside

3rd – A. Wilkie, Westerton

Pen of Four Heifer Calves –

1st – A. Wilkie, Westerton

2nd – A. Wilkie, Westerton

Champion Pen of 4 Calves –

Meikle Coul Farms

Single Bullock Calf –

1st – I. & G. Grant, Bank of Gallery

2nd – Glenkilrie Farming Partnership

3rd – J. Roberston & Co., Newton of Logierait

Single Heifer Calf –

1st – J. Roberston & Co., Newton of Logierait

2nd – J. Roberston & Co., Newton of Logierait

3rd – M/s W. McLaren, Muirhouses


Messrs I. & G. Grant, Bank of Gallery


J. Roberston, Newton of Logierait


Bullocks sold to £2100 (488.4p) for a 430 kg British Blue, and Champion in the show yard today from I. & G. Grant (A. Firm), Bank of Gallery to average 256.6p.

Heifers  sold to £1350 (385.7p) for a 350 kg Limousin, and Reserve Champion in the show yard from Messrs J. Robertson & Co., Newton of Logierait to average 241.4p.

Leading Prices per kg -


Char. 303.9p Laighwood, 292.5p Auldallan, 271.6p Hilton Farm, 262.3p Glensaugh; B.B 298.6p Meikle Coul Farms, 296.6p Newton of Logierait, 258.8p Balnaboth H.F., 226.5p Auchenleish Farms; Lim. 294.3p Ben Lawers, 288.2p Glenkilrie Partnership, 288p Ballinloan, 287.9p Osborne Farms; Beef Short. 269.1p Glenisla & Glencally, 254.8p Glenisla & Glencally; A.A. 261.8p Ardlebank Farm; 243.3p Balnaboth H.F., 229p Auchenleish Farms; Sim. 220.9p Scobshaugh.


Lim. 351.7p Newton of Logierait , 348.2p Westerton, 302p Myreside, 298p Tomlea; Char. 265.5p Glensaugh, 250p Auldallan, 244.1p Hilton Farm, 227.4 Auchenleish Farms; B.B. 234.2p Auchenleish Farms, 226.4p Balnaboth H.F.; A.A. 245.5p Dunlappie, 206.2p West Pilmore; Beef Short. 203.5p Glenisla & Glencally.

Leading Prices per head –


Char. £1030 West Pilmore, £1010 Auldallan, £1000 Auchenleish Farms, £950 Hilton Farm; B.B. £1120 Bank of Gallery, £1030 Meikle Coull Farms, £950 Newton of Logierait, £940 Auchenleish Farms; Lim. £1210 Bank of Gallery, £1180 Newton of Logierait, £1120 Ballinloan, Glenkilrie Partnership, Briarton, Muirhouses; £1080 Ben Lawers; Beef Short. £950 Glenisla & Glencally, £790 Glenisla & Glencally; A.A. £790 Auchenleish Farms, £730 Balnaboth H.F., £720 Ardlebank; Sim. £740 Scobshaugh.


Lim. £1100 Roebank, £1060 Auldallan & Ben Lawers, £1040 Bank of Gallery, £1020 Newton of Logierait; Char. £940 Auldallan, £830 Auchenleish Farms & Hilton Farm, £770 Glensaugh; B.B. £960 Auchenleish Farms, £600 Balnaboth H.F.; A.A. £1000 West Pilmore, £810 Dunlappie; Beef Short. £590 Glenisla & Glencally


A.A. 230.5p or £750 Bankhead

Store Cattle

Leading Prices per kg –

Bullocks –

Char. 251.6p Middlehill,  237p East Balloch, 211p New Gilston; Lim. 242p Gyratesmyre, 240p Baldastard, 222p Strone, 216p New Gilston; Sim. 238p East Balloch, 230.4p Baldastard, 216.2p Balcalk, 194.3p Holms of Caaf; A.A. 232.4p Holms of Caaf, 230.8p Balcalk, 215.6p Waterside of Thornton; B.B. 208.4p New Gilston; Hereford 218p Balmossie; H.F. 174.6p Holms of Caaf, 141.2 Sidlaw View.

Heifers –

Lim. 249p Gyratesmyre, 227p East Balloch, 222p Strone, 207p Holms of Caaf; Char. 248p East Balloch, 227.6p Middlehill, 193p Holms of Caaf; Hereford 184.3p Balmossie.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1180 New Gilston, £1170 Strone, £1110 Gyratesmyre, £1070 Baldastard; Char. £1170 Middlehill, £1150 New Gilston, £940 East Balloch; Sim. £1200 Balcalk, £1060 Baldastard, £940 East Balloch, £680 Holms of Caaf; A.A. £1200 Balcalk, £970 Waterside of Thornton, £910 Holms of Caaf; B.B. £1240 New Gilston; Hereford £1015 Balmossie; H.F. £550 Holms of Caaf, £400 Sidlaw View.

Heifers –

Char. £1070 Middlehill, £940 East Balloch, £850 Holms of Caaf; Lim. £1030 Gyratesmyre, £1000 Strone, £900 East Balloch, £810 Holms of Caaf; Hereford £940 Balmossie.