Sat 19 April [Saturday 19th April 2014]

Saturday 19th April 2014

Sale Date: Sat 19 April

Saturday 19th April 2014

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 803 Store & Breeding Cattle in Forfar on Saturday



Store Bullocks (485): averaged 251.6ppk to 296.4p from Mains of Mause and to £1480 from Mains of Fordoun.


Store Heifers (318): averaged 230.1ppk to 291.1p from Little Inch and to £1410 from Mains of Mause.

A feature of the sale was a consignment of 262 bullocks and heifers from Mains of Mause ave 258.9p or £1078

Bullocks: 301-350kg £940 Little Inch(Lim)-285.3pk; 351-400kg £1170 Mains of Mause(Lim)-292.5ppk; 401-450kg £1260 Mains of Mause(Lim)-296.4ppk; 451-500kg £1340 Little Inch(Char)-273.4ppk; 501-550kg £1370 Little Inch(Char)-271.2ppk; 551-600kg £1400 Mains of Mause(Lim)-252.2ppk; 601-650kg £1360 Prieston(Char)-212.5ppk; 651-700kg £1300 Mains of Fordoun(Lim)-189.7ppk; 701-750kg Mains of Fordoun(Char) 209.9ppk; 751-800kg £1430 South Leckaway(Char) 188.1ppk

Heifers: 301-350kg £980 Little Inch(Char)-280.0ppk; 351-400ppk £1150 Little Inch(Lim)-219.1ppk; 401-450ppk £1150 Little Inch(Char)-283.9ppk; 451-500kg £1260 Mains of Mause(Lim)-252.0ppk; 501-550kg £1330 Little Inch(Lim)-260.7ppk; 551-600kg £1410 Mains of Mause(Lim)-254ppk; 601-650kg £1240 Mains of Fordoun(Char) 201.6ppk; 651-700kg Mains of Fordoun(Char) 197.0ppk; 701-750kg £1380 Middlehill(BB) 195.7ppk