Sat 18 October [Saturday 18th October, 2014]

Saturday 18th October, 2014

Sale Date: Sat 18 October


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 286 Store Cattle and 71 Breeding Cattle at their special Sale.

With a good show of quality cattle on offer, prices held well throughout the sale.


Bullocks (141) sold to £1520 for 675 kg. Charolais from the Firm of Donald R. Hood, Middlehill and 267.5p for a 415kg Charolais from Messrs D.M. Keay & Sons, East Balloch to average 232.9p.

Heifers (145) sold to £1260 for 605kg A.A. from Messrs I & S Graham, Balgay Farm and to 251.9p for 405kg Charolais from Messrs D.M. Keay & Sons, East Balloch to average 217.1p.

Leading Prices per kilo for Bullocks:-

Char. 265.5p Runavey, 260.7p The Hillocks, 256.1p Cluseburn, 250p East Balloch; Lim. 261.4p Strone, 253.1p Wairds of Alpity, 239.5p Ardlebank, 237.8p West Leys; Short. 247.8p Runavey, 236.1p Cairncross; BRB 233.7p Whitehills, 221.6p Middlehill; AA 229.4p Wolflaw, 223.8p Ardlebank, 216.8p Waterside of Thornton, 215.4p Plunkie; Simm. 229.4p Newhouse of Chapelton.

Leading Prices per head of Bullocks:-

Char. £1270 Prieston, £1160 The Hillocks, £1110 East Balloch, £1050 Cluseburn; Lim. £1360 Wairds of Alpity, £1250 Strone, £1140 Ardlebank, £1070 West Leys; AA £1250 Wolflaw, £1030 Waterside of Thornton, £980 Plunkie, £940 Ardlebank; BRB £1230 Middlehill, £1040 Whitehills; Short. £1080 Cairncross, £830 Runavey; Simm. £1190 Newhouse of Chapelton.

Leading Prices per kilo for Heifers:-

Lim. 242.9p Strone, 239.2p Wairds of Alpity, 228.9p East Balloch, 228.3p West Pilmore; Char. 236p The Hillocks, 232.6p Prieston, 232.1p Runavey, 231.9p East Balloch; AA 222.8p Knockbarry, 215.2p Waterside of Thornton, 214.8p Guildy Den & Plunkie, 213.5p Ardlebank; Saler 212.2p Kinclune; Short. 211.2p Dalziel; Simm. 209.7p The Hillocks, 204.2p Ardlebank.

Leading Prices per head for Heifers:-

Lim. £1160 Wairds of Alpity, £1110 East Balloch, £1100 Strone, £1050 West Pilmore; Char. £1130 West Pilmore, £1090 East Balloch, £1070 Prieston & Middlehill, £1050 The Hillocks; AA £1110 Ardlebank, £1070 Balgay, £880 Knockbarry, £870 Plunkie & Guildy Den; Sim. £1080 The Hillocks, £980 Ardlebank; Saler £1010 Dalziel; Short. £960 Dalziel.  


Breeding Cattle topped the sale at £2380 for a Lim. Heifer with Char. Bull calf from Messrs A.B. Greenhill & Son, Turfbeg Farm.

Leading Prices:-

Bulling Heifers –

Simm. £1300 & £1280 Peasiehill; A.A. £1090 & £980 St. Fort H.F.

Bulls –

Char. £1800 Turfbeg; Short. £1000 Balgay; A.A. £920 Balgay.

In-Calf Heifers –

Simm. £1820 , Lim. £1750 & £1720 Balcalk Farm; A.A.  £1320 & £1300 Bankhead; £980 & £900 Ladywell.

In-Calf Cow –

BRB X £1700 Guildy Den

Heifers with Calves at foot –

Lim. £2220 & £2000 West Park Farm, £2100 & £1800 Turfbeg; Simm. £1800 Angus Limestore, £1200 Meikle Coul; A.A. £1500 Balgay.