Forfar Primestock Reports


Forfar Primestock Sale Report 28.12.13 Sheep (769) Prime Sheep (629) averaged 193.7ppk. (364) SQQ’s averaged 206.8ppk   Prime Lambs: Top prices... Read More »

Primestock Sale Report 18.12.13   19 Prime Cattle   Bullocks (4): averaged 254.8ppk and sold to 266ppk for a Limousin from Nether Myers, purchased by... Read More »

Primestock Sale Report 11.12.13   27 Prime Cattle Bullocks (7): averaged259.6ppk and sold to 276ppk for a Limousin from Gask, purchased by C G... Read More »

  28 Prime Cattle Bullocks(10): Prime bullocks averaged 248.3ppk and sold to 259ppk twice Limousins from Nether Myres purchased by WE Fairlie of... Read More »

Wednesday Primestock Sale 20.11.2013 Prime Cattle Bullocks(9): Prime Bullocks averaged 254.4ppk and sold to 278ppk for a Limousin from Nether Myres... Read More »

Prime Cattle (23) Bullock (11): Prime Bullocks averaged 243.3ppk and sold to 269ppk twice for Limousins from Nether Myres both purchased by WE... Read More »

Primestock Sale Wednesday 6 th of November   Prime Cattle Bullock (5): Prime Bullocks averaged 250ppk and sold to 279ppk for a Limousin from Nether... Read More »

597 Prime Lambs average 175.0ppk 9Light Lambs (25-32kgs) averge 98.4ppk – Top 98.4ppk for Bf from Kinpurney 103 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged... Read More »

Forfar Primestock Sale-Wednesday 16 th October 2013   Prime Cattle Bullocks (4): Prime Bullocks averaged 263.4ppk and sold to 269ppk for a Limousin... Read More »

Prime Cattle Bullocks (5):  Prime Bullocks averaged 246.4ppk and sold to 258ppk for a Limousin from Craignathro purchased by J Chapman of Wishaw and... Read More »