Wed 13 November [Primestock Sale - Wednesday...]

Primestock Sale - Wednesday 13th of November

Sale Date: Wed 13 November

Prime Cattle (23)

Bullock (11): Prime Bullocks averaged 243.3ppk and sold to 269ppk twice for Limousins from Nether Myres both purchased by WE Fairlie of Letham and £1855 gross for a Limousin from Gask, purchased by Messrs Rennie of Forfar.

Top Prices Include: Gask (Lim) at 265ppk; Nether Myres (Lim X) at £261ppk; Gairdrum (Lim X) at 261ppk.

Heifers (12): Prime Heifers averaged 252.3ppk and sold to 286ppk for a Limousin from Nether Myres purchased by JB Penman of Crail and £1700 gross for a Limousin from West Bog, purchased by CG Fleming of Arbroath.

Top Prices Include: West Bog (Lim) at 277ppk; Gask (Lim X) at 275ppk; Nether Myres (Lim X) at 268ppk.

Prime Sheep(907)

Prime Lambs(582) averaged 175.2ppk and sold 2.25ppk and £95 gross: Top Prices Include

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Southtown of Melgund (Suff) £95; Haymont 181.4ppk; Cairncortie (Tex) £92; Cairncortie 211.6ppk; Haymont (Chev) £77; Haymont 171.1ppk; Meikle Tullo (Cont) £88.50; Meikle Tullo 189.1ppk; Balmaleedie House (Bel) £90; Balmaleedie House 225.0ppk; Tomlea (Mule) £67; Tomlea 173.2ppk.


Clochie (Tex) £96.50; Kininmonth £82.50; Nether Middleton (Tex) £80.50; Kininmonth £80.50; Clochie (Suff) £75.50; Clochie £70.50; Clochie (Mule) £62.50; Shandford £59.50; Kinpurnie (BF) £64.50; Millden £32; Kininmonth (Chev) £64.50; Nether Logie £55.50.


Kininmonth (Tex) £86.50

56 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 173.6ppk – Top 188.9ppk for Beltex from Balmaleedie House

Haymont (Tex) £70.50; Coilamy (Tex) £67; Balmaleedie (Bel) £68; Tomlea (Mule) £65

369 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged  174.9ppk – Top 225.0ppk for Beltex from Balmaleedie House

Cairncortie (Tex) £91, £88; Clochie (Bel) £78.50; Cairncortie (Suff) £80.50; Clochie (Suff) £78.50; Haymont (Suff) £78; Haymont (Chev) £77; Haymont (Cont) £77; Cairnleith (Cont) £75; Tomlea (Mule) £67.

81 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 177.5ppk – Top 189.1ppk for Tex from Meikle Tullo

Cairncortie (Tex) £92; Newton of Inshewan (Tex) £89.50; Southtown of Melgund (Suff) £90.50; Haymont (Suff) £87.50; Loyal (Cont) £86, £84; Upper Middleton (Cont) £79.50.

13 Super Lambs (52.1 + kgs) averaged 170.3ppk – Top 181.0ppk for Suff from Southtown of Melgund

Southtown of Melgund (Suff) £95, £91.50 (twice); Shandford (Suff) £88.