Wed 7 May [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report Wednesday 7th May 2014

Sale Date: Wed 7 May

Primestock Sale Report

Wednesday 7th May 2014


Prime Cattle (30)

Bullocks (10): averaged 229.2ppk and sold to 238ppk (2times) for Cont X Todhall, and a Lim from Nether Myres purchased by Ewarts of Monifieth, and W.E Fairlie, Letham and to £1560 gross for a Lim from Gask, purchased by W.E.Fairlie, Letham

Top prices include: Nether Myres (Limousin) at 235ppk; Gask (Limousin X) at 232ppk; Mill of Inverarity (Continental X) at 230ppk.


Heifers (20): averaged 228.7ppk and sold to 245ppk for a Limousin from West Bog, purchased by JB Penman of Crail and £1457 gross for a Limousin from West Bog, purchased by JB Penman of Crail.

Top prices include: Craignathro (Limousin) at 239ppk; Nether Myres (Limousin X) at 239ppk; Woodhead of Mailer (Cont X) at 238ppk.



Sheep (335)

NSL (16): averaged 223ppk to a top of £119 for Tex from Upper Tulloes, Other top prices include; Tex £117; £116 Upper Tulloes.

Prime Sheep (335) 225 averaged 193ppk. 120 SQQ’s averaged 201.4ppk

Prime Hoggs: Torrax (Tex) £130-236.4ppk; Torrax (Suf) £110-Newmill of Inshewan 217.2ppk; Kinrive (Bel) £98- 233.3ppk; Kinrive (Chev) £90-225ppk; Newmill of Inshewan (Cont) £96.50-207.5ppk; Henderston Farms (Mule) £85.50- 181.9ppk; Newmill of Inshewan (BF) £89-197.7ppk


Ewes & Rams (94): Whitemyre (Tex) £103.50; New Gilston (Cont) £89.50; Kirkton of Lundie(Mule) £84.50; Kinnaird (Chev) £74.50; Pitairlie Cottage (Suf) £73.50; Glensaugh (BF) £69.50;