Wed 6 August [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report Wednesday 6th August 2014

Sale Date: Wed 6 August

Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 42 Prime Cattle and 560 Prime and Cast Sheep

Top Price in the cattle ring was 270ppk for an outstanding Lim Heifer consigned by Craignathro Farms Ltd and bought by Falconer Butchers, Arbroath.

Top Prices;

Heifers averaged 208.7p per kilo.

Limousin 270p, 248p & 248p Craignathro; Cont. 252p and 240p West Bog; BB 236p Mill of Inverarity; BP 238p, 224p & 220p Fawsyde; Lim X 228p, Nether Myres; AA 224p, Fawsyde & Woodhead of Mailer.

Bullocks averaged 219.5p per kilo.

 Lim 246p and 240p Nether Myres; Cont 226p South Ballo; BB 218p Fawsyde; Lim X 216p (twice) Newton of Guthrie; BB X 212p, Todhall;

Top Prices Per head

Clean Cattle


Lim £1682.10, £1554.96 & £1544.88 Craignathro; Cont £1440 & £1403.64 West Bog; Lim X £1404.20, Fawsyde;


Lim £1539.96 & £1461.60, Nether Myres; BB £1433.12 & £1431.54, Todhall; Lim X £1408.32, Newton of Guthrie;

Cast Cows sold to a top of 131.6p for a Simmental off Newbigging of Craighall and bought by Ian White LTD.

Cast bulls sold to 146.9p for a Limmy bull off Glenshaugh.

Top Prices – Cast Cows averaged 131.1p

Char, £1050, Whitehall; Cont £910, Newbigging of Craighall;

Cast bulls – Lim, £1420, Glenshaugh

A smaller show of lambs today and with 8 buyers in attendance, buyers were going home disappointed, as more could have been sold. Lambs average today was 172.9p or £74.94 a head. Prime lambs sold to a top of 221.7p for a pen of Beltex X Lambs from Messrs D Smith, Scobshaugh and bought by Kennedy Butchers, Blairgowrie.

Top Prices

Char £97, Balmaleedie House; Suff £92.50, West Newton; Bel £92.50, Easter Cash; Dutch Texel £92, Scobshaugh; Cont £91, Balmaleedie House; Cont X £90 & £89, Scobshaugh; Rouge, £89 & £87, Skilmafilly; Suff £86, Tullywhanland; Down £84, Tullywhanland;

Top Prices per kg;.

Tex, 212.6p, Easter Cash; Beltex, 221.7p, Scobshaugh; Dutch Texel 211.9p & 206.9p, Scobshaugh; Cont, 197.8p, Balmaleedie House; Char 215.6p, Balmaleedie House; Rouge, 186.1p, Clochie; Suf, 185.5p, 43 Newton Cresent;

Cast Ewes – 180 av £76.39;  Tex  £100 Balmaleedie House; Cont, £93 Hillhead of Careston; HB, £88, Clochie; Char £85, Kinnaird; Dutch Texel £84, Shandford; Suf £87, Upper Tulloes; Down, £77, Prieston; Mule £75, Shandford & Prieston; X £75, Prieston; Scotch Blackface £56, Balnaboth Home Farm; Che £57, Kinnaird;

Sheep – Blackface, £64, Milden Estate; Che £46 & £40 Milden Estate

Cast Rams – Suff £64, Kinnaird;