Wed 2 July [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Sale Date: Wed 2 July


Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 25 Prime Cattle and 523 Sheep. 402 Prime Sheep and 121 Cast Ewes and Rams.

A smaller show of clean cattle, met a good trade for everyone. Heifers averaged 222.3ppk and bullocks averaged 215.4ppk.

Top Price in the cattle ring was 248ppk for a Lim Heifer, consigned by Messrs A.A & J Brand, Nether Myres and bought by J B Penman.

Top Prices;

Heifers; Lim; 248ppk, Nether Myres; Cont 232ppk, Mill of Inverarity; BB 240ppk, 220ppk Todhall; BP 226ppk, 224ppk, 222ppk, Craignathro Farms Ltd; Cont X 222ppk, Riggs; Lim X 222ppk, West Bog;

Bullocks; Lim 240ppk, Nether Myres; Cont 224ppk, 222ppk Mill of Inverarity; Lim X 220ppk, Newton of Guthrie; Cont X 218ppk Riggs; Path X 210ppk, Todhall;

Top Prices per head;

Prime Cattle;

Heifers; Lim £1417.92, West Bog; Lim X £1410.60, Nether Myres; Cont £1386.56, Craignathro Farms Ltd; Cont X £1380.40, Mill of Inverarity; British Blue £1377.60, Todhall;

Bullocks; Lim £1464, Nether Myres; Lim X £1448, Newton of Guthrie; British Blue £1391.78, Todhall; Cont X £1366.40, Mill of Inverarity;



Prime lambs (391) sold to a top of 229.9 for a pen of Beltex lambs from Witton Farms, Edzell bought   by Stark Butchers, Buckhaven.

Top Prices Suffolk X £105 West Pitcorthie  ;  Texel £104 Broadshade ;Beltex £100 Witton Farms; Dutch Texel £100 Clocknahill; Cont £99, West Pitcorthie; Suff £98 , Broadshade; Down £94 Clochie;

Top prices per kg; ; Beltex 229.9, Witton Farms; Dutch Texel 216.7 Broadshade; Cont 210.6,West Pitcorthie; Tex X 209.6 Mill of Inverarity; Rouge 209.5.West Pitcorthie:Suff 211.2 Clochie.

Cast Ewes/Rams: Tex £97  Ardmore; Cont £92Blinkbonny; HB £91 Witton Farms; Dutch Texel £86 and £80 Ardmore; Suffolk £90 Whitehills; Down £90 Witton Farms;Mule £74 East Backburn; X £70 Purgavie and Blinkbonny; Scotch Blackface £66 Dalbog £60 Lednathie Estate Ltd £55 Hatton of Cargill

Rams – Suffolk £100 Purgavie; Cheviot £90 46 Brankston Ave; Blackface £70 Lednathie Estate Ltd.