Wed 4 June [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report Wednesday 4th June 2014

Sale Date: Wed 4 June

Primestock Sale Report

Wednesday 4th June 2014


Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 51 Cattle and 372 Prime and Cast Sheep.

With 11 Buyers in attendance, all classes of cattle were keenly bid for and more could have easily been sold, with vendors going home happy!


Top Price was a 250p for an outstanding Lim bullock from A A & J Brand, Nether Myres, bought by W.E Fairlie of Letham.

Other Leading prices include;


Lim 250p, 248p from Nether Myres; Path X 238p from Todhall; Cont X 230p, 220p, Newton of Guthrie; BB 228p from Mill of Inverarity; Lim X 220p from Milton of Ruthven;


Lim 246p, 240p (twice) from Craignathro; Cont 242p, 230p from Mill of Inverarity; BB 240p from Todhall; Lim X 240p from Nether Myres; Cont X 240p from West Bog; Char 222p from Haymont (Orkney); Sim 222p from Riggs.

Top Prices;

Steers – Lim £1619.44 & £1555 Nether Myres; Cont £1458.20 Newton of Guthrie; Path X £1456.56 Todhall.

Heifers – Lim £1550.40, £1466.40, & £1426.80 Craignathro; BB X £1425.60 Todhall; Lim X £1377.60 West Bog.

Young Bulls

Lim 180p, 172p, £1152 & £1111.92 Mill of Inverarity.

Cast Cows averaged 113.6p

Top Prices – Cont £1050(twice) Middlehill; Sim £1000 Prieston; BP £890 Suttieside

Top prices per kg – Cont 141p & 134p MIddlehill; BP 122p Downiebank; Sim 121p Prieston


160 New Season Lambs averaged 251.4p or £115.18 a head.

Top prices per kilo was 279.5p for Texels from Redford Smithy or to £134 for Beltex from Easter Cash.

Top prices – Beltex £134(twice) Easter Cash; Suf £131 Tipperty; Cont £131 Easter Cash; Tex £127 Easter Cash; Cont X £126 Broadshade; Down £125 Drimmie; Beltex X £125 Easter Cash.

Top Prices per kg – Texel 279.5p Redford Smithy; Beltex 279.2p Easter Cash; Cont 275p Redford Smithy; Char 270p Easter Cash; Suf 266p Southtown of Melgund.


Texel £115 Balgay; Suff £105, £99, & £95 Hatton of Cargill; X £92 Wellbank Mains; Cont £90 Balgay; Char £86 Ashburn; Blackface £86 Drumdewan.

Cast Ewes

Texel £136 Craignathro; Cont £102 Southtown of Melgund; Suff £100 Southtown of Melgund; Beltex £93 Meikle Tullo; Mule £90 East Ballochy; Suff £90 Hatton of Cargill

Cast Rams

Texel £95 Wemyss Castle; Cheviot £95 Wemyss Castle.