Wed 28 May [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report Wednesday 28th May 2014

Sale Date: Wed 28 May

Prime Cattle (26)

Bullocks (8): averaged 222ppk and sold to 241ppk (twice) for British Blue from Todhall, purchased by Kennedy, Monifieth and £1554 for a Lim BLK from Nether Myres, purchased by J Chapman of Wishaw.

Top prices include: Todhall (BB) at 234ppk; Nether Myres (Lim) at 232ppk; Craignathro (Lim) at 230ppk.


Heifers (18): averaged 231ppk and sold to 257ppk for a Cont from Todhall, purchased by Kennedy of Monifieth and £1521 gross for the same animal.

Top prices include: West Bog (Lim) at 255ppk; West Bog (Lim) at 251ppk; Nether Myres (Lim) at 249ppk.


Sheep (321)

NSL (113): 113 averaged 231.2ppk. average weight 46.2kg 41 SQQ’s averaged 243.4ppk

Prime Lambs: Newton of Guthrie(Tex) £129- 289.9ppk; Southtown of Melgund (Suf) £122(Twice)- 277.3ppk; Upper Tulloes (Cont) £117- Blinkbonny 256.2ppk; Maryton (Char) £98- 213ppk;

Prime Hoggs: (205) averaged 189.1ppk. 89 SQQ’s averaged 194.6ppk.

West Pittendreich (Chev) £108-222.7ppk; West Pittendriech (Suf) £103-222.8ppk; Pitnacree (Tex) £100-215.1ppk; Pitnacree (BTex) £97-225.6ppk.


Ewes & Rams (104): Blinkbonny (Tex) £116.50- Nether Middleton-£116.50; Pitncree (Cont) £95.50; Crookieden (Suf) £94.50; Balkemback (Mule) £87.50; Guildy (Chev) £71.50; Millden (BF) £64.50;