Wed 14 May [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report Wednesday 14th May 2014

Sale Date: Wed 14 May

Primestock Sale Report

Wednesday 14th May 2014


Prime Cattle (23)

Bullocks (8): averaged 227.1ppk and sold to 256ppk for Lim from Nethermyres, purchased by Messrs Reid of Burrelton, and £1587 gross for the same animal.

Top prices include: Nethermyres (Limousin) at 241ppk; Craignathro (BB) at 241ppk; Mill of Inverarity (Lim X) at 226ppk.


Heifers (15): averaged 236.1ppk and sold to 261ppk for a Limousin from West Bog, purchased by JB Penman of Crail and £1530 gross for a Limousin from Nethermyres, purchased by WE Fairlie of Letham.

Top prices include: Milton of Ruthven(Limousin) at 256ppk; West Bog (Limousin X) at 250ppk; Craignathro (Cont X) at 236ppk.


OTM’s (5)

Cow s(3): Hereford (£815) Balmossie; Saler X (£805) Drimmie


Bulls (2): AA (£1045) Downiebank; Hol/fr (£795) Wynton.




Sheep (526)

NSL (31): averaged 224ppk selling to £118 per head and 237.5ppk from Southtown of Melgund. Other top prices include; Upper Tulloes (Tex) £115-231.6ppk; Odmoston (Cont) £106-231.8ppk

Prime Hoggs (526) 526 averaged 198.4ppk. 106 SQQ’s averaged 208.6ppk

Prime Hoggs: Crossgates(Tex) £113-Hatton of Cargill 240.9ppk; West Mains of Turin (Cont) £112- 221.8ppk; Hatton of Cargill (Suf) £111- 238.7ppk; West Mains of Turin(Char) £109-200ppk; Newmill of Inshewan (Bel) £97-Kinrive 234.6ppk; Kinrive (Chev) £90- 220.0ppk; Crammie (Mule) £84-193.1ppk; Nether Drumhead (BF) £91-211.6


Ewes & Rams (99): Mill of Inverarity (Tex) £94, £92.50; West Mains of Turin (Con) £90; East Mains of Auchterhouse (Chev) £77.50; Crossgates (Suf) £63.50; Wester Coul (Mule) £61.50; Newmill of Inshewan (BF) £55;