Wed 3 September [Primestock Sale Report]

Primestock Sale Report

Sale Date: Wed 3 September

Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 28 Prime Cattle and 1503 Prime and Cast Sheep comprising 1117 Prime Sheep and 386 Cast Ewes and Rams

Top Price in the cattle ring was 262ppk for a Lim Heifer consigned by David Lumgair, Gask and bought by C.G. Fleming & Sons, Arbroath.

More handier weight cattle in today and were keenly bid for!!

Top Prices;

Heifers  (16) averaged 237p

Limousin 262p Gask; Cont 252p and 250p Nether Myres; BB 250p (twice) Craignathro Farms; BP 246p, 238p Craignathro Farms; LimX 238p Nether Myres; Cont. X 234p Todhall.

Bullocks (12) averaged  229.1p

Lim. 244p Newton of Guthrie; Cont. 244p,238p Nether Myres; BBX 238p,236p Gask; BP 228p Craignathro Farms

Top Prices per head.


Lim. £1627.92 and £1532.16 Gask; Cont. £1532.72 and £1507.92 Nether Myres.


BBx £1556.52, £1525. and £1502.50 Craignathro; Lim £1482.82 Gask

Prime Lambs (1117) averaged 149.3p(-16p on the week) or £64.41per head (-£8.10 on the week).

Prime Lambs sold to a top of 176p for a pen of Beltex Cross Lambs from Grahame W.S. Greenhill, Loyal Farm.

Top Prices

Tex £88 Loyal; Beltex £81 Mains of Dalrulzion; Dutch Texel £81 Mains of Dalrulzion; Cont. £78 Meikle Tullo; Char. £78 Loyal; Suff. £76 Leoch Farms; Mule £61.50 Purgavie.

Top Prices per kg;.

Tex 176p Loyal; Beltex 165.9p Newton of Inshewan; Dutch Texel 165p Rettie Farming Co.; Cont. 163.6p Newton of Inshewan; Char 163.2p Gyratesmyre; Rouge 163p Easter Cash; Suff. 160.5p Purgavie; Mule 154p Purgavie.

Cast Ewes

Heavy Ewes (217) averaged £73.38 whilst light ewes (166) averaged £45.01

Tex.  £105 Mains of Dalrulzion; Cont.£95 Mains of Dalrulzion; H.B. £93 Mains of Dalruzion; Char. £88 Mains of Dalrulzion; Dutch Texel £90 Hallhill; Suff. £91 Smiddy House; Mule £59 Hillhead of Careston; X £58.50 Cairnton; Scotch Blackface £39 and £37 Crammie.