Wed 4 December [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report 4.12.2013

Sale Date: Wed 4 December

Primestock Sale Report



Cattle (57)

57 Cattle – Bullocks averaged 277ppk, Heifers averaged 284ppk


Judge Mr J Greenhill of AP Jess awarded his champion to D Lumgair & Son, Gask for Limousin Heifer 600kg at £4.10ppk purchased by A Rennie Butchers, Forfar.


Reserve was a Limousin Heifer from JA Peters & Son, West Bog for a Limousin 585kg at £3.80ppk purchased by H Cairns Butchers, Law.

Best Opposite Sex to Champion was a Limousin Bullock from S Brown, Roepark for a 635kg at £2.95ppk to J Scott Meats, Paisley.


919 prime lambs average 176.0ppk

The Sheep Judge, Mr J Stark, Milton of Campsie, Champion Pen of Lambs was awarded to Messrs Shanks – Easter Cash for a pen of 5 Beltex at 44.5kg realizing £140 to the judge.

Reserve was a pen of 5 Beltex from Messrs Wylie, Balbrydie 45kg Beltex realizing £142 also to the judge.



180 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 178.0ppk – Top 210.5ppk for Beltex from Drumchapel


Haymont (Tex) £71.50 twice; Denbrae (Tex) £70; Mid Gallowhill (Tex) £69.50; Drumchapel (Bel) £80; Rossie Home Farms (Suff) £67; Haymont (Char) £69.50; Tomlea (Mule) £68.50; Drumyellow (BF) £64


593 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) average 178.2ppk – Top 315.6ppk for Beltex from Balbrydie


Easter Cash (Tex) £95; Plunkie (Tex) £84.50; Mains of Dalrulzion (Bel) £106; Balconnel (Suff) £76, £78; Shandford (Suff) £76.50; Haymont (Suff) £76; Ashmore & Strone (Chev) £87, £79; Kinrive (Chev) £70; Meikle Tullo (Cont) £81; Purgavie (Cont) £81; Kinrive (Cont) £80; Mains of Creuchies (Mule) £77.50, £76.50; Purgavie (Mule) £71.20; Drumyellow (BF) £64


127 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 168.9ppk – Top 245.4ppk for Beltex from Mains of Dalrulzion


Easter Cash (Tex) £99; Drumchapel (Tex) £95; Hillhead of Careston (Tex) £89; Mains of Dalrulzion (Bel) £119; Easter Cash (Bel) £114, £99; Southtown (Suf) £95, £88; Longacre (Suff) £79.50; Denend (Cont) £87; Smiddy House (Cont) £80 twice; Mains of Creuchies (Mule) £77


Drumchapel (Suff) £95; Southtown 1.90ppk; Easter Cash (Tex) £99; Easter Cash 226.2ppk; Ashmore & Strone Est (Chev) £87; Ashmore & Strone Est 207.1ppk; Hillhead of Careston (Cont) £89; Shandford 1.90ppk; Balbrydie (Bel) £142; Balbrydie 315.6ppk; Mains of Creuchies (GF) £77.50; Tomlea 175.6ppk; Drumyellow (BF) £64; Drumyellow 168.4ppk.


Cast Ewes


Drumchappel (Tex) £78.50; Hillhead of Careston £65.50; Balconnel (Tex) £65.50; Balconnel £64; W Pitcorthie (Suf) £70; W Pitcorthie £69.50; Stracathro & Careston (Mule) £53.50; Denbrae £47; Denbrae (BF) £37.50; Glensaugh £28.50; Kinnaird (Chev) £32