Wed 27 August [Primestock Sale Report ]

Primestock Sale Report

Sale Date: Wed 27 August


Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 30 Prime Cattle and 1202 Prime and Cast Sheep comprising 1030 Prime Sheep and 172 Cast Ewes and Rams

Top Price in the cattle ring was 272ppk for a Lim Heifer consigned by Craignathro Farms Ltd and bought by Greg Fleming & Sons, Butchers, Arbroath.

Top Prices;

Heifers  (20) averaged 229.6p

Limousin 272p Craignathro.; Cont 262p West Bog; BB 256p, 252p 250p 248p Craignathro; BP 238p Todhall; AA 220p Burnside Farms.

Bullocks (6) averaged  232.3p

Lim 254p Craignathro; Cont 250p and 238p Nether Myres; BB 232p and 220p Todhall.

Cast Cows (4) sold to a top of 150.4p for a Limousin X BB Cow off J & J Patullo, Sandyford.

Top Prices Lim X BB 150.4p, 130.7p and 120.5p Sandyford.

Top Prices Per head

Clean Cattle


Lim £1672.80 Craignathro; Cont £1509.12 West Bog; AA £1504.16 Todhall; BB £1470.84 Craignathro.


Lim £1585.00 and £1544.62 Nether Myres; BB £1531.80 Todhall; Cont £1440.18 Craignathro; AA £1425.96 Todhall.

Cast Cows – LimXBB £1080, £1070 and £970 Sandyford

Prime Lambs (1030) averaged 165p or £72.57 (+5p on the week) sold to a top of 222.5p for a pen of Beltex Cross Lambs from H. Shanks & Co, Easter Cash and bought by Mr Ewart Fairlie, Letham.

Top Prices

Tex £102 Torrax; Beltex £93 The Goddens; Dutch Texel £89 Easter Cash; Cont £87 Shandford; Tex X £85.50 and £84 Hallhill; Rouge £84 The Goddens; Suff £83 Easter Cash; Down £81 Tomlea; Mule £74 Over Finlarg; X £79.50 Over Finlarg.

Top Prices per kg;.

Tex   222.5p Easter Cash; Beltex 202.2p The Goddens; Dutch Texel 193p,190.1p Easter Cash; Cont 181.7p Purgavie; Char 181p Scobshaugh; Rouge 177.3p Clatto; Suff 177.1p Clochie; Down 175p Clochie; Mule 158p Over Finlarg

Cast Ewes

Heavy Ewes still a good trade averaged £86.57 whilst light ewes averaged £47.69.

Tex £115 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; HB £121 and £115 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Dutch Texel £86 Easter Cash; Down £76 Easter Cash; Mule £80 Easter Cash; X £75 Shandford; Cheviot £76 Easter Cash; Scotch Blackface £57 Nether Drumheads; Cheviot X £53 Rosemount of Callange

Cast Rams averaged £101.57

Texel £130 Torrax; Suffolk £116 Torrax;  Down £110 Purgavie; Beltex £95 Rosemount of Callange; Blackface £76 and £74 Meikle Coul Cottages