Sale Date: Wed 19 November


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 28 Prime and Cast Cattle, 604 Prime Lambs and  319 Cast Ewes & Rams.


4 Bullocks averaged 252.2p or £1538.22 and 20 Heifers averaged 235.5p or £1346.89 .

Top Price in the cattle ring was 266p for a Limousin Heifer consigned by Messrs D. Lumgair & Sons, Gask Farm.

Top Prices per kg. -

Heifers - (Lightweight)

Lim. 266p Gask; Cont. 264p,258p & 254p Nethermyres; BB 256p Kellyfield; BP 250p West Bog.

Heifers – (Heavyweight)

Lim. 246p Gask; Cont. 240p West Bog; BB 230p Fawsyde & Kellyfield.

Bullocks –

Lim. 258p Gask; Cont. 260p & 258p Nethermyres.

Top Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim.X BB £1700.22 Gask; Lim. £1594.44 & £1588.60 Nethermyres

Heifers –

Lim. - £1559.64 & £1553.44 Gask; Lim.X £1467.50 & £1464 West Bog; Cont. £1436.16 & £1419.86 Nethermyres

Cast Cows (4)

Hereford £750 (106.2p) Balmossie



Good quality fleshy lambs were easily sold, with leaner types harder to sell.

Prime Lambs (604) averaged 167p per kilo or £73.75 a head (plus 4p on the week). Prime Lambs sold to a top of £100 for a pen of 55.5kg Texels from I.J. Blackhall & Sons, Milton of Durris to James Ewart Ltd.

Top Prices per head –

Beltex £94 Mill of Inverarity and Redford Smithy; Tex. £92 Milton of Durris; Tex.X £89 Gibsonhall Farm; Belt.X £91 Mill of Inverarity; Suff. £82 Templeton; Cont. £73 Gibsonhall Farm; Char. £71 Newton of Crathie; Char.X £68 Hilton of Ballindean;; Suff.X £79 Henderston Farms; Down £76 Tomlea, Newton of Crathie & Gibsonhall Farm; X £70 Henderston Farms; B.F. £65 Henderston Farms.

Top Prices per kg for lambs was 204.4p for 46kg Beltex’s from K. Black, Redford Smithy.

Beltex 197.7p Mill of Inverarity; Cont. 192.2p Mill of Inverarity; Belt.X 188.3p Gibsonhall; Tex. 180.2p Milton of Durris;  Tex.X 179.6p Gibsonhall Farm; Char. 179p Hilton of Ballindean; Char.X 165.1p Newton of Crathie; Suff. 182.2p Templeton;      Suff.X 173.7p Gibsonhall Farm; Down 168.2p Drumyellow; X 156.2p Tomlea; B.F. 135.4p Henderston Farms.

Cast Ewes/Rams (319)

Belt. £100 Blackbank; Tex. £95 Newton of Crathie; Tex.X £89 Mill of Inverarity; Cont. £85 Gibsonhall Farm; Chev. £80 Blackbank; Suff. £76 West Pitcorthie; Down £50 West Pitcorthie; X £68 Newton of Crathie; Scotch Blackface £59 Newton of Crathie; Llyne £58 Anniston; Shet. £52 Gibsonhall Farm.