Sale Date: Wed 12 November


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had on offer  16 Prime & Cast Cattle, 676 Prime Lambs and 354 Cast Ewes and Rams.


5 Bullocks averaged 257.4p or £1531.17 and 10 Heifers averaged  257.1p or £1414.17.

Top Price in the cattle ring was 280p for a Limousin X Bullock consigned by Messrs D. Lumgair & Sons, Gask.  

Top Prices per kg –


Lim. 272p Nether Myres; Cont. 270p Craignathro Farms; B.B. 266p Craignathro Farms; B.P. 238p Craignathro Farms; Cont. X 260p & 252p South Ballo; Char. 262p Nethermyres; Lim. X 264p Gask; B.B. X 254p Nethermyres.

Bullocks –

Lim. X 280p Gask; Cont. 266p Nethermyres; B.B. X 248p & 238p South Ballo; Lim. 254p Nethermyres.

Top Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim.X £1688.40 Gask; Cont. X £1606.64 Nether Myres

Heifers –

Cont. £1597.20 Gask; Lim. £1527.46 & £1496 Nethermyres; Lim. X £1541.80 South Ballo.

Cast Cows –

A.A. Cow £990 (135.4p) Dunlappie.



Prime Lambs (676) averaged 163.8p per kilo or £73.11 a head +6.5p on the week.

Prime Lambs sold to a top of £95 for a pen of 50 kg Beltex’s from G. McGibbon, West Quarter to Mr. Ewart Fairlie.

(311 SQQ lambs averaged 166.8p)

Good Quality Lambs were easily sold, while plainer ones were stiffer to sell.

Top Prices –

Tex £84.50 Milton of Durris; Tex £82 Townhead; Beltex £90 Shandford; Belt.X £83 West Quarter; Cont. £85 Shandford; Suff. £84 Templeton; Suff. X £78.50 Clochie; Down £76 New Gilston; X £70.50 Mains of Creuchies; B.F. £69.50 Crammie.

Top Price per kg was 204.6p for 44kg Beltex’s from The Firm of W. Mather & Sons, Shandford.

Tex. 176.3p East Ballochy; Tex.X 175.3p Newton of Guthrie; Beltex 190.5p West Quarter; Belt.X 190p West Quarter; Cont. 186.1p West Quarter; Suff. 168.7p Clochie; Suff.X 167.9p Townhead; Down 167.4p Clochie; X 158.4p Mains of Creuchies; Blackface 149.4p Crammie.

The Export Ewes were very easily sold today, and all heavy types remained a steady trade throughout the sale.

Cast Ewes/Rams

Tex. £92 Newton of Crathie and Balconnel; Tex.X £91 West Quarter; Cont. £89 Ballinloan; Belt. £80 Balbrydie; H.B. £59 New Gilston; Chev. £83 Wemyss Castle; Suff. £88 Upper Tulloes; Suff.X £72 Newton of Crathie; Down £66 New Gilston; X £71 Newton of Crathie, New Gilston and Tillygloom; Scotch Blackface £61 Newton of Crathie.

Cast Rams

Lle. £88 Balmydown; Tex. £60 Hillhead of Careston; Merino £50 Drumtochty.


Suff. £66 New Gilston; Merino £59 Drumtochty; B.F. £54 Millden; Suff.X £52 Rossie H.F.