Wed 11 December [Primestock Sale Report ...]

Primestock Sale Report 11.12.13

Sale Date: Wed 11 December

Primestock Sale Report



27 Prime Cattle

Bullocks (7): averaged259.6ppk and sold to 276ppk for a Limousin from Gask, purchased by C G Fleming & Sons, Arbroath and £1755 gross for a Limousin from Nether Myers, purchased by W E Fairlie, Letham.

Top prices include: Nether Myers (Lim) at 270ppk; Gask (Char x) at 267ppk; Nether Myers (Cont x) at 266ppk.


Heifers (20): averaged 262.2ppk and sold to 284ppk (twice) for Limousins from Messrs Brand, Nether Myers and Messrs Peters, West Bog, purchased by J B Penman, Crail and C G Fleming & Sons, Arbroath and £1692 gross for a Limousin from Mill of Inverarity, purchased by C G Fleming & Sons, Arbroath.

Top prices include: West Bog (Limousin) at 281ppk; Mill of Inverarity (Cross Lim) at 273ppk; Nether Myers (Cont x) at 270ppk.



East Skichen (Simx) £1005; East Balloch (Cross) £985


Sheep (989)

Prime Sheep (845) averaged 170.1ppk. (349) SQQ’s averaged 178.4ppk


Prime Lambs-Top prices include: Loyal (Tex) £92-213.8ppk; Loyal (Bel) £87.50-210.8ppk; Shandford (Suff) £87-Pityot 179.6ppk; Redford (Cont) £86.50-South Ballo 193.1ppk; Rossie Home Farm (Char) £70-174.5ppk; Pityot (Chev) £83-178ppk; Tomlea (Mule) £65-160.5ppk; Halhill (Collessie) (BF) £67-150.6ppk.


Ewes & Rams (144): Leys of Cossans (Tex) £90; Southtown (Cont) £75.50; Southtown (Suff) £70.50; Southtown (Mule) £65; Easter Dounie (BFL) £62.50; South Park (Chev) £54.50; Kinpurney (BF) £33.50-Henderston Farms £32.50.


Rams: Southtown (Suff) £80; Easter Dounie (BFL) £55.50