Wed 1 October [Primestock Sale Report]

Primestock Sale Report

Sale Date: Wed 1 October

Lawrie and Symington, Forfar Mart had forward 20 Prime Cattle and 993  Prime Sheep and 307 Cast Ewes and Rams

Top Price in the cattle ring was 288p for a Limousin Heifer consigned by Craignathro Farms and bought by C.G. Fleming & Sons, Arbroath.

Top Prices

Heifers  (12) averaged 257.9p or £1540.28 a head

Limousin 288p, 266p & 252p Craignathro; Cont. 286p & 276p Nether Myres; BB 260p & 258p (twice) Craignathro; BB (Heavy) 202p Clatto; Lim.X 266p & 230p South Ballo; Cont.X 276p & 240p West Bog.

Bullocks (7) averaged  246.5p or £1598.88 a head

Limousin 252p Craignathro; Cont. 266p, 262p & 254p Nether Myres; Lim X 240p & 228p South Ballo; BB X (Heavy) 224p Clatto

Top Prices per head.


Lim X £1903.68 Craignathro; Cont. £1617.36 West Bog; BB X Lim £1612 Craignathro; Lim. £1593.02 Nether Myres; BB £1573.80 Craignathro.


Lim. £1758.26, £1721.34 & £1612.90 Nether Myres; Cont. £1580.04 Craignathro.

Cast Cows

Simmental £890 (122p) Crudie Acres

Prime Lambs (993)  Prime Lambs averaged 148p per kilo or £64.20 a head (+ 11.7p).on the week.

Prime Lambs sold to a top of £89 for a pen of Suffolks from R. Downie & Son, Newton of Crathie.

All Classes of handyweight  lambs were easily sold, but heavier types were stiffer to cash.

Top Prices

Tex. £87 Wairds of Alpity; Tex X £86 Newton Farm; Beltex £81 Balmaleedie House; Belt.X £81 Scobshaugh and Mill of Inverarity; Cont. £86 Milton of Durris; Char. £75 Balmaleedie  House; Char.X £71 Mains of Haulkerton; Suff. £77 Wairds of Alpity; Suff.X £74 Newton of Crathie; Down £71 Herdhillmuir; Mule £64 Pearsie Estate; X £65 Mains of Haulkerton; Blackface £55 Newton of Crathie; Zwarble £58.50 Shillinghill

Top Prices per kg was 176.1p for Beltex from S. Naismith, Balmaleedie House; Tex. 172p Newton Farm; Tex.X 167.7 Loyal Farm; Beltex 173.9 Balmaleedie House; Belt. X 168.8p Balmaleedie House; Cont. 168.8 Mill of Inverarity; Char. 172.8p Balmaleedie House; Suff. 161.4p Over Baldinnie Farm; Suff. X 157p Shandford; Down 153p Wairds of Alpity; Mule 130.6p Pearsie Est.; X 125p Mains of Haulkerton; Blackface 130.9p Newton of Crathie; Zwa 128.6p Shillinghill

Cast Ewes/Rams (307)

Ewes -Tex. £88 North Balluderon; Tex.X £85 Whitemyre; Cont. £82 Newton Farm;Suffolk £76 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Suff. X £70 Westerton of Colliston; Mule £58 Whitemyre; X £60 Newton Farm; Chev. £66 Wemyss Castle H.F.; Marino £46 Mains of Drumtochty

Rams – Suff. £100 Wester Oathlaw; B.L. £80 Glenisla; Tex. £70 Newton Farm; B.F. £54 Glenisla.