Mon 18 November [Monday 18th November...]

Monday 18th November 2013-Store Cattle & Sheep

Sale Date: Mon 18 November

Monday 18th November 2013-Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle

Also Store & Breeding Sheep


Lawrie & Symington Ltd-FORFAR sold 197 Store & Breeding Cattle and 527 Sheep. Store Bullocks (107) averaged 242.1ppk and sold to 277ppk for a 325kg Char X from Meikle Coul, Forfar and to £1310 for a 515kg Limousin from Barnhill, Laurencekirk. Store Heifers (85) averaged 230.2ppk and sold to 259ppk for a 245kg Char X from Glensaugh, Auchenblae and £1190 for a 545kg Char X from Balcalk, Tealing.


Bullocks: 201-250kg-Glensaugh £570, 272ppk; 251-300-West Leys £790, Mains of Mause 273ppk; 301-350-Burnside £910, West Leys 267ppk; 351-400-Whitehills £960, Mains of Dalrulzion 251ppk; 401-450-Burnside £1000, Whitehills 237ppk; 451-500-Barnhill £1210, Wairds of Alpity 246ppk; 501-550 Barnhill £1310, 254ppk; 551-600-Barnhill £1310, 236ppk.


Heifers: 201-250kg-Glensaugh £635, 259ppk; 251-300-Glensaugh £665, 256ppk; 301-350-Mains of Dalrulzion £850, 243ppk; 351-400-Ben Lawers £935, 243ppk; 401-450-Reedie £1010, 231ppk; 451-500-Barnhill £1160, Wairds of Aplity 241ppk; 501-550-Balcalk £1190, 220ppk.


Limousin Bulling Heifers £1100, Dunfallandy; Limousin Bull £2500, Muirhouses.


Store Lambs sold to £73 for Texel lambs from E F Henderson & Son, Clachnabrain.

Texel  X £69, Cross Bog; Cont X £68, Milton of Kincraigie; Cross Texel £68, West Jordanstone; Suff X £ 61.50, Milton of Kincraigie; BF (W) £60, Hunthill; Blackfaced £51, Glenlethnot; BF £49, Balblythe.


Fully Warranted Tex X Ewes £56, West Jordanstone; Feeder Ewes: Suff X £57.50, Newbigging of Ceres; Cross £49, Purgavie; BF £34, Hunthill; Correct Below BF Ewes £43, Hunthill.


Breeding Rams: Lleyn 2Shear Ram £230, Neilston