Sale Date: Tue 14 March


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 241 Store Cattle selling to a brisk trade throughout. Also 2 In-calf Cows.


A.A. Cows In-calf to a Red A.A. Bull £1020 & £1000 from Dunlappie Farm.


Bullocks (153) sold to £1270 for a 615 kg Lim. from Messrs W Stewart, Newton of Inshewan and 246.2p for a 455kg Limousin from Firm of R Easson & Son, Crieff Farm to average 218.5p

Heifers (82) sold to £1230 for a 610kg AA. from J & C Millar, Kinnaniel Farm and 243.7p for a 435kg Limousin from J H Garbutt & Sons, Sketewan Farm, to average 214.6p.

Young Bulls (6) sold to £1100 for a 550kg Simmental from Messrs C M R Soutar, Peasiehill Farm, and to 222.2p for a 360kg Shorthorn from John Duff & Sons, Waterside of Thornton.


Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

A.A. £1190 Kinnaniel, £1070 Newton of Inshewan, £1000 Easter Cammock;

Char. £1255 & £1195 Kinnaniel,£1140 West Denside;

Lim. £1230 (twice) West Denside, £1220 Crieff, £1205 & £1200 West Denside;

Sim. £1130, £1080 & £1050 West Mains of Turin.

Heifers –

A.A. £1230 Kinnaniel, £1170 South Leckaway, £910 (twice) Newton of Inshewan;

Char. £1200 Kinnaniel, £965 Whitehills;

Lim. £1140 Strone, £1060 Sketewan, £1050 Strone, £1050 Meikle Tullo;

Sim. £1030 & £995 West Mains of Turin, £915 Ben Lawers;

BSH £960 Kinnaniel, £960 Nether Drumheads, £955 & £920 Westbank.


Leading Prices per kg. –

Bullocks –

A.A. 227.3p Easter Cammock, 220.0p Newton of Inshewan;

Char. 221.3p Kinnaniel, 215.4p Whitehill;

Lim. 246.2p Crieff, 239.6p, 235.7p & 233.3p Meikle Tullo, 232.6p Ben Lawers;

Sim. 230.2p Easter Cammock, 221.4p Whitehills, 220.4p & 217.3p West Mains of Turin;

BSH 215.4p, 214.9p & 210.8p West Banks.

Heifers –

A.A. 221.5p Lochaber, 211.5p Denbrae, 209.8p East Cammock;

Char. 206.9p Kinnaniel, 201p Whitehills;

Lim. 243.7p Sketewan, 227.9p & 227.5p Meikle Tullo, 223.4p Strone;

Sim. 205.6p Ben Lawers, 205.2p Purgavie, 198.1p West Mains of Turin;

BSH. 219.7p & 215.2p West Bank.