Sale Date: Sat 5 November


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 370 Suckled Calves and 185 Store Cattle at their  Annual Show and Sale of  Spring Born  Calves. The Show was kindly judged by Mrs Shona Stevenson, Carbello Farm, Cumnock  and was kindly sponsored by Mr. David Lumgair, East Coast Viners, Carrs Billington, Johnstone Carmichael and Zoetis & Close Brothers, and her awards were as follows:- 

Single Bullock –

1stMessrs W.N. Lindsay, Cairnleith

2ndGlenkilrie Partnership

3rd  - A. Wilkie, Westeron

Single Heifer –

1stJ. Robertson & Co., Newton of Logierait

2ndJ. Robertson & Co., Newton of Logierait

3rdR. Martyn, Wester Bleaton

Pen of 4 Bullocks –

1stOsborne Farms, Balmadies

2ndR.M. Adam & Son, Auldallan

3rdA. Wilkie, Westerton

Pen of 4 Heifers –

1st Osborne Farms, Balmadies

2ndA. Wilkie, Westerton

3rdR.M. Adam & Son, Auldallan

Overall Best Pen of 4   and Ron Stephen Perpetual Trophy –

Osborne Farms, Balmadies -345kg - £965 (279p)

CHAMPION and D. Lumgair & Sons Trophy –

Messrs W.N. Lindsay, Cairnleith – 400 kg - £1110 (277.5p)


J. Robertson & Co., Newton of Logierait – 335kg - £950 (283p)



Bullocks (195) sold to 315.2p for a 330 kilo Limousin from A. Wilkie, Westerton and to £1190 for a 470 kilo Limousin from R. M. Adam & Son, Auldallan to average 235.6p.

Heifers (141) sold to 328.6p for a 280 kilo Charolais from Mr. R. Martyn, Wester Bleaton and to £1040 (twice) for a 455 kilo & 430 kilo Limousin’s from McDiarmid Bros., Ben Lawers to average 236.5p.

Leading Prices per kg. -


AA. 267.7p Glenkilrie, 230.3p Dunlappie, 221.8p Woodend Drive

Char. 277.5p Cairnleith, 269.3p, 266.7p West Quarter

Lim. 315.2p Westerton, 309.9p Ben Lawers, 309.1p Glenkilrie

Sim. 237.2p & 235.3p  Huntingfaulds  

Sho. 290.9p, 229.0p, 212.2p Glenisla & Glencally



AA. 202.6p Ardlebank

Char. 328.6p Wester Bleaton, 313.8p Newton of Logierait, 268.9p West Quarter

Lim. 317.7p Newton of Logierait, 313.3p Glenkilrie, 285.2p Tomlea

Sim. 244.9p South Balloch, 217.2p Tillyrie, 210.7p South Balloch

Sho. 244.9p South Balloch, 194.2p Glenisla & Glencally



Sim. 250.8p Wester Bleaton, 237.7p Tillyrie

Lim. 246.3p Wester Bleaton


Leading Prices per head –


AA. £910 Glenkilrie, £880 Woodend Drive, £860 (twice) West Pitcorthie & Ardlebank

Char. £1110 Cairnleith, £1040 Huntingfaulds, £1010 West Quarter

Lim £1190 Auldallan, £1160 Muirhouses, £1130 Ben Lawers

Sim. £1000 & £925 Huntingfaulds

Sho. £870, £800 & £790 Glenisla & Glencally



AA. £790 Ardlebank

Char.£920 Wester Bleaton, £910 Newton of Logierait, £860 Auldallan

Lim. £1040 (twice) Ben Lawers, £1000 Cairnleith, £995 Bank of Gallery

Sim. £740 Auchenleish, £630 Tillyrie, £600 South Balloch

Sho. £670 Glenisla & Glencally, £600 South Balloch



Sim. £870 & £815 Wester Bleaton

Lim. £825 Wester Bleaton


Bullocks (123) sold to 245.6p for a 395 kilo Charolais from D.M Keay & Sons Ltd, East Balloch and to £1245 for a 640 kilo Limousin from Messrs TM & R Wilson, Wairds of Alpity to average 203.8p.

Heifers (62) sold to 226.2p for a 420 kilo Limousin from C S Fleming & Son, Strone and to £1090 for a 490 kilo Charolais from the Firm of Donald R Hood, Middlehill to average 202.3p.

Leading Prices per kg. -


AA. 211.2p & 204.1p Newton of Inshewan, 201.8 Brathinch  

Char. 245.6p East Balloch, 233.7p & 223.9p Middlehill

Lim. 234p, 231.7p & 231.6p Middlehill,

Sim. 220.5p Suttieside, 215.4p The Hillocks, 212.4p Suttieside

Sho. 223.3p Waterside of Thornton, 200p New Gilston, 196p Waterside of Thornton


AA. 204.4p Waterside of Thornton, 189p & 184.9p Newbigging of Craighall

Char. 223.7p Middlehill, 223p East Balloch, 222.5p Middlehill

Lim. 226.2p Strone, 220.8p Wairds of Alpity, 216.7p Dunfallandy H.F.

Sim. 201.2p The Hillocks, 183.5p Tillyrie

Sho. 209.2p & 204.4p Waterside of Thornton

Leading Prices per head –


AA. £1150 & £1050 Brathinch, £1000 Newton of Inshewan

Char. £1060, £1050 & £1040 Middlehill

Lim. £1245 Wairds of Alpity, £1240 & £1190 Bank of Gallery

Sim. £1240 Chamberlainknowe, £1030 & £970 Suttieside

Sho. £990 Waterside of Thornton, £975 New Gilston, £960 Waterside of Thornton


AA. £980 Newbigging of Craighall, £940 Waterside of Thornton, £910 Woodend Drive

Char. £1090 & £1040 Middlehill, £1000 West Quarter

Lim.£1060 Wairds of Alpity, £1040 Dunfallandy H.F., £1020 Newton of Inshewan

Sim. £890 Tillyrie, £865 The Hillocks

Sho. £940 & £680 Waterside of Thornton