a 10 a [Forfar Store Sale Report]

Forfar Store Sale Report

Sale Date: a 10 a


Lawrie and Symington, Forfar had forward 378 Store and Breeding Cattle and 261 Store Lambs.


All classes of Store and Feeding Cattle were a great trade throughout the day, with a packed ringside of buyers.

149 Store Bullocks ave. 247.9p a kilo or £1148.57

173 Store Heifers ave. 234.1p a kilo or £962.94

36 Young Bulls ave. 230.2p a kilo or £1095.20

Bullocks sold to 307.7p for Continental Bullock calves from J.J. & I Murdoch, Droystone, Tarbolton.

Heifers sold to 266.7p for Limousin’s from W. McLaren, Muirhouses.

Young Bulls sold to 243.4p for Luings from E.W. Jolly, West Mains of Turin.

Top Prices -

Bullocks –

Char. £1460, £1430, £1420 and £1410 Hattonmill Farms; Lim. £1460 Meadows of Ballied; Cont. £1450 West Denside; B.P. £1400 Meadows of Ballied; Sim. £1390 Baggerton; Lim.x £1380 Muirhouses; Char.x £1360 West Denside; Cont. £1350 (twice) Baggerton; Lim.x BB £1330 Muirhouses.

Heifers –

Lim. £1310 Cairnleith; Cont. £1300 Meadows of Ballied; Lim.x BB £1280 Muirhouses; Sim. £1250 Prieston; Char. £1230 Easter Clevage; Cont.x £1200 Easter Clevage; Lim.x £1200 Meadows of Ballied; B.P. £1200 Easter Clevage, £1180 Easter Clevage; B.B. £1160 Cairnleith and Easter Clevage; A.A. £1150 Easter Clevage.


Luing £1160, Lincoln Red £1130, Simm. £1100 and Luing Cross £1010 (twice) all from West Mains of Turin.


Top Price was £2280 for an Irish Heifer with Limousin Heifer Calf from Steven McCord, Craigends Farm, Methven.

Top Prices –

Lim. Heifer and Heifer Calf £2280, Cont. Heifer and Heifer Calf £2080 and Lim. Heifer and Bull Calf £2000 all from Craigends.

In-Calf Cows –

Char. £1380 South Leckaway; A.A. £1380 and £1200 Pitcur; Shorthorn £1100 (twice) Pitcur.



Store Hoggets –

Leading Prices per head –

Tex. £67 Tomlea; Tex.x £61 Croft of Cultalonie; Cont. £60 Croft of Cultalonie; Suff. £60 Tomlea; Suff. X £50 Gleneffock; B.F. £56 Gleneffock; Cross £51 Tomlea.