Sale Date: Sat 3 October


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 800 head of cattle, including the Second Show and Sale of Autumn born calves. The show was kindly sponsored by Bell & Co., Chartered Accountants and judged by Mr. Dougie McBeath, Lower Greenyards.

Show for Best Pen of 4 Cattle for the F. & F. Farquharson Silver Salver.

1st Messrs R. Simpson, Mains of Creuchies – 4 Lim. Heifers 425kg - £1120

2nd Firm of Donald R. Hood, Middlehill – 4 BRB Bullocks 540 kg - £1290

3rd Firm of W. Mather & Sons, Shandford – 4 Char. Bullocks 530 kg - £1210

Bullocks (488) sold  to 274.4p for 390 kg Limousins from Glenkilrie Partnership and to £1390 for 625kg BRB’s from the Firm of Donald R. Hood, Middlehill to average 221p.

Heifers (312) sold to 273.3p and £1380 for 505 kg Limousins from Glenkilrie Partnership to average 220.4p.

Leading Prices per Kg. –

Bullocks –

Lim. 258.1p Glenkilrie Ptshp, 255.8p Benlawers, 253.9p Muirhouses; Char. 259.1p Cluseburn, 246p East Balloch, 244p Cairnleith; Sim. 229.2p Huntingfaulds, 227.9p Whitehills, 222.7p The Hillocks; BRB 251.8p Muirhouses, 242.7p Cairnleith, 238.9p Middlehill; Short. 226.2p Cairncross, 223.5p Cairncross, 223.2p Runavey; A.A. 246.7p Goddens, 226.4p West Keillor, 223.2p Hunthill Estate; Sax 215.9p Hunthill Est; Lly x 200p Crosslee.

Heifers –

Lim. 266.7p Mains of Creuchies, 264.4p Benlawers, 263.5p Mains of Creuchies; Char. 244.9p Cairnleith, 229.6p Westfield, 228.3p Govals; Sim. 223.5p Huntingfaulds, 216.1p Huntingfaulds, 211.8p The Hillocks; BRB 265.9p Muirhouses, 211.3p Govals; Short. 205.1p Scobshaugh, 190.2p Cairncross; A.A. 207.7p Wolflaw, 200p Parkhead.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1340 Goddens, £1300 Goddens & Middlehill, £1280 Goddens & Muirhouses; Char. £1350 West Denside, £1260 Craighall Mains, £1250 West Denside; Sim. £1300 Wester Keillor, £1260 West Denside, £1220 Kirklands & Wester Keillor; BRB £1340 Goddens, £1290 Middlehill, £1170 Goddens & Govals; Short. £1190 Cairncross, £1090 Cairncross, £990 Runavey; A.A. £1270 Goddens & Wester Keillor, £1210 Goddens, £1190 Goddens & Wester Keillor; SA x £950 Hunthill Est.; Lly.x £830 Crosslee.

Heifers –

Lim. £1250 Glenkilrie, £1230 Middlehill, £1190 Benlawers & Strone; Char. £1210 Govals, £1200 Mains of Fordoun, £1140 Gannochy Est.; Sim. £1080 The Hillocks, £1000 Cowhillock, £950 Huntingfauld; BRB £1120 Govals, £1090 Muirhouses; Short. £800 Scobshaugh, £780 Cairncross; A.A. £1080 Wolflaw, £990 Herdhillmuir.