Sale Date: Tue 9 December

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward   81  Store Cattle and 271 Store Sheep.

With a smaller number of Cattle and Sheep on offer all classes met an excellent festive trade.


Bullocks (49) sold to £1410 for 650 kg Charolais from the Firm of W. Mather & Sons, Shandford and to 250p for 440 kg also from Shandford to average 222.9p.

Heifers (30) sold to £1220 and 234.6p for 520kg Limousins from Messrs T.M. & R. Wilson, Wairds of Alpity to average 217.4p.

Young Bulls (2) sold to £820 and 200p for 410kg Aberdeen Angus from Messrs W.L. McKendrick, Bankhead to average 191.2p.

Leading Prices per kilo -

Bullocks –

Char. 232p Shandford, 227p Shandford, 184.5p The Old Quarry; Lim. 246.3p Wairds of Alpity, 230.1p Shandford, 219.6p Stronley, 214.4p Denbrae; Saler 220.2p West Pitcorthie, 207.6p West Pitcorthie; A.A. 242p Shandford, 215.6p Kinrossie; Simm. 213.2p Little Ballo, 212.2p Little Ballo; Short. 203.7p Shandford.

Heifers –

Lim. 228.6p Scronely, 225.6p Wairds of Alpity, 216.2p Balcalk, 204.2p Denbrae; A.A. 228p Balcalk, 196.3p Ladywell, 192.9p Newbigging of Craighall; Sim. 220.6p Little Ballo, 219.2p Wairds of Alpity, 200p Newbigging of Craighall; 191p Balcalk; Char. 219p Denbrae; Belt. Gall. 210.3p Denbrae, 203.6p Denbrae; Short. 234.2p Scronley.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks -

Char. £1260 Shandford, £1160 Shandford, £950 The Old Quarry; Lim. £1180 Scronley, £1170 Wairds of Alpity, £1070 Shandford, £1040 Denbrae; Saler £1090 West Pitcorthie, £1040 West Pitcorthie; A.A. £1210 Shandford, £830 Kinrossie; Sim. £1040 Little Ballo, £970 Little Ballo; Short. £1090 Shandford.

Heifers –

Lim. £1150 Wairds of Alpity, £1120 Scronley, £1070 Balcalk, £980 Denbrae; A.A. £1140 Balcalk, £540 Newbigging of Craighall, £530 Ladywell; Sim. £1140 Wairds of Alpity, £1070 Little Ballo, £850 Balcalk, £600 Newbigging of Craighall; Char. £1040 Denbrae; Belt. Gall. £1140 Denbrae, £1020 Denbrae; Short. £960 Scronley.

STORE SHEEP ( 271 ) sold to £73 for Charollais Cross Lambs from John F. Meikle, Kirkton of Lundie.

Leading Prices per head –

Tex. £72 Elms Cottage, £64 Gleneffock, £62.50 Kirkton of Lundie; Chev. £70 Elms Cottage; B.F. £71 Hunthill Est., £56 Glenlethnot Estate, £39.50 Gleneffock; Belt. £68 Gleneffock; Belt.X £62.50 Gleneffock; Cross £61 Gleneffock; Cont. £60 Whitehills.