Sale Date: Wed 25 February


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 45 Prime and Cast Cattle  and  1022   Prime Hoggets, Cast Ewes and Rams.


12 Bullocks ave. 235.2p or £1462.74

20 Heifers ave. 236.7p or £1353.33

Top Price in the cattle ring was 262p (twice) for Limousin Cross Heifers consigned by Messrs D. Lumgair & Sons, Gask and Messrs J.A. Peters & Son, West Bog and both purchased by Penman Butchers, Crail.

Top Price per kilo -


Lim. 262p Gask & West Bog; Cont. 260p Nether Myres; Lim.X BB 252p West Bog; B.P. 246p Mill of Inverarity; Char. 244p Woodhead of Mailer; Lim.X 238p Nether Myres and West Bog; Char.x 238p Shandford.


Lim. 258p Gask; Cont. 252p Nether Myres; B.B. 250p Mill of Inverarity; Lim.X 246p,242p and 238p Nether Myres; Lim.x BB 232p Newton of Guthrie and Craignathro; Cont. 232p Woodhead of Mailer.

Top Price per head –


Lim. £1633.44, £1625.54 and £1577.52 Nether Myres; Lim.X £1537.68 Gask; Lim.x B.B. £1532.50 Mill of Inverarity; Cont. £1521.92 Woodhead of Mailer; Cont.x £1491.84 Gask.


Lim. £1585.10, £1496.88 and £1434.42 West Bog; Lim.X £1530.08 Gask; Cont. £1487.20 Nether Myres; B.B. £1471.32 Woodhead of Mailer; Char.x £1408.96 Shandford.

CAST COWS & BULLS  (13) sold to a top of 137.2p for a Simmental Cow off East Balloch, Kirriemuir averaging 120.9p.

B.P. £835, Simm. £945 and A.A. £865 & £845 East Balloch; Path.x £835 Kilmux; Simm.x £815 Suttieside.

Cast Bulls sold to 79.7p for a Lim. Bull off Kilmux.  


Prime Hoggets (915) sold to 215p for 40 kg Texels from R. Sabiston, Haymount and to £100 for 68kg Suff. X from the Firm of W.M. Arnot, Kilmux Farm to average 186.8p (plus 4.1p on the week).

With a good ringside of buyers in attendance, quality handyweight hoggets sold to a grand trade. While the heavy weights maintained recent rates.

SQQ Hogggets ave. 192.2p

Leading Prices per kilo –

Tex. 210p Monksway; Suff. 207.9p Hatton of Cargill;  Tex.x 205p Hatton of Cargill; Belt. 204.6p Drumyellow; Cont. 202.4p Newton Farm; Chev. 201.2p South Park House; Belt. X 200p Easter Cash; Char. 200p Haymount; Suff.x 197.6p South Park House; Down 197.4p Westerton; B.F. 187.8p Easter Cash; Cross 181.8p Purgavie.

Leading Prices per head –

Suff. £98 Hatton of Cargill; Tex. £97 Torrax; Suff.x £96 Kilmux Farm; Tex.x £94 Torrax and Hatton of Cargill; Down £93 Torrax; Cont. £93 Neilston; Belt. £89 Drumyellow; Belt.x £88.50 Balbrydie; Chev. £85.50 South Park House; B.F. £81 Cairnton; Cross £77 Heatherstacks; Char. £76 Haymount.

Cast Ewes and Rams (107)

Leading Prices per head –

Ewes –

Suff. £130 Drumyellow; Suff.x £120 Southtown of Melgund; Tex. £120 Purgavie; Tex. £118 Drumyellow; Cont. £108 West Jordanstown; Down £100 Southtown of Melgund; Cross £95 Greigston; B.F. £70 Little Ballo.