Sale Date: Wed 4 February


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 29 Prime and Cast Cattle and 951 Prime Hoggets, Ewes and Rams.



10 Bullocks ave 232.5p or £1440.20

14 Heifers ave 244.9p or £1410.14

Top Price in the cattle ring was 266p for a Limousin Heifer consigned by A.A. & J. Brand, Nether Myres and bought by Penman Butchers, Crail.

Top Prices per kilo –

Heifers –

Lim. 266p, 264p & 260p Nether Myres; Cont. 262p West Bog; B.B. 256p Gask; B.P. 252p (twice) Craignathro; Lim. X 252p Mill of Inverarity; Char. 228p North Lurg; A.A. 240p Mill of Inverarity; Cont.x 238p Newton of Guthrie.

Bullocks –

Lim. 260p & 248p Nether Myres; Cont. 248p Gask; Lim.X 240p Mill of Inverarity; Cont. x 232p North Lurg; A.A. 230p Gask; Char. 230p Craigends; B.B.x 222p North Lurg.

Top Prices per Head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1699.86 Gask; Lim.X £1617.20 and £1532.64 Nether Myres; Cont. £1490.40 Craignathro; A.A. £1444.40 Gask; Char. £1444.40 Craigends.

Heifers –

Lim. £1565.20 & £1500.24 Nether Myres; Lim.X £1501.92 Craignathro; Cont. £1490.78 West Bog; Cont. x £1467.84 Nether Myres.

Cast Cows ave.116.1p or £922.50 and sold to a top of 132p or £1090 for an A.A. Cow from Sandyford Farm.

Top Prices –

B.P. £890 and £850 Afflochie; A.A. £1090 and £890 Sandyford.


Prime Hoggets (750) sold to 225.3p for 43.5kgs for Beltex’s from Messrs M.A. Steele & Co., Goddens and to £98 (twice) 55kg Texels from J. Buchan, Torrax and 43.5kg Beltex’s from Messrs M.A. Steel & Co., Goddens to average 188.7p.

With a quality show of hoggets on offer all classes met a strong demand throughout the sale.

SQQ hoggets average 193.6p

Leading Prices per kilo –

Beltex 215.6p Goddens; Beltex x 215.5p Easter Cash; Cont. 212p Goddens; Tex. 211.8p Easter Cash; Tex. X 205p Hallhill; Suff. 203.6p Hatton of Cargill; Suff. X 197.8p Southtown of Melgund; Down 197.7p Balconnel; Char. 196.3p Yeldabrek; B.F. 193.8p Glensaugh; Chev. 184.9p Mains of Pitcur; Cross 181.6p Purgavie; Char.x 175.5p Maryton; Chev.x 174.2p Mains of Melgund.

Leading Prices per head –

Belt. £97 Goddens; Belt.x £96.50 Goddens; Suff. £96.50 Hatton of Cargill; Cont. £96 Hatton of Cargill; Tex. £96 Hatton of Cargill; Tex.x £95 Torrax; Suff.x £95 Torrax; Down £93 Hatton of Cargill; Char. £90 Maryton; Char.x £86 Maryton; Cross £85 Henderston Farms; Chev. £81 Mains of Melgund; B.F. £78 Glensaugh; Chev.x £61 Mains of Pitcur.

Cast Ewes and Rams (201)


Leading Prices per head –

Tex. £118 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Suff. £114 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Tex. X £103 Jubilee; Suff. £100 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Cont. £98 Goddens; Cross £90 Balkemback; Down £86 Balconnel; Belt. £80 Goddens; Chev. £76 East Camnock; B.F. £70 Little Ballo.

Rams –

Tex. £80 Jubilee.