Sale Date: Wed 14 October


Lawrie & Symington had forward 18 Prime Cattle, 2 Cows  and  1020  Prime Lambs, Ewes and Rams.


Bullocks (6) sold to 256p and £1661.44 for a 649kg Limousin from Messrs A.A. & J. Brand, Nethermyres selling to the Firm of W.E. Fairlie, Letham.

Heifers (12) sold to 262p and £1516.98 for a 579kg Limousin from J.A. Peters & Son, West Bog selling to the Firm of J.B. Penman, Crail.

Leading Prices per kg. –

Bullocks –

Lim. 254p & 242p Nethermyres; Lim.x 236p (twice) Nethermyres.

Heifers –

Lim. 258p & 246p Nethermyres; Lim.x 248p Craignathro; BRB 246p Nethermyres; Cont. 240p South Ballo; Cont.x 230p Craignathro.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1534.16 & £1478.62 Nethermyres; Lim.x £1392.40 & £1364.08 South Ballo.

Heifers –

Lim. £1480.22 Craignathro; Lim.x £1393.08 West Bog; BRB £1313.64 Nethermyres; Cont. £1377.60 South Ballo; Cont.x £1351.98 Craignathro.


Prime Lambs (614) sold to 157.5p and £74 for 47 kg Beltex’s from D. Stewart & Son, Mains of Dalrulzion selling to Scott Bros., Dundee.

SQQ’S ave. 142.5p

Leading prices per kg. –

Belt. 154.p Mains of Balhall; Belt.x 153.7p Mains of Balhall; Cont. 153.6p Mill of Inverarity; Tex. 153.3p Tullywhanland; Tex.x 144.2p Tullywhanland & Mains of Dalrulzion; Suff. 139.5p Clochie; Suff. x 139p Shandford.

Leading Prices per head –

Belt. £73 Mains of Balhall; Belt.x £72 Mains of Balhall; Cont. £70 Mains of Dalrulzion and Hallhill; Tex. £69 Tullywhanland, Drumyellow and Mill of Inverarity; Tex.x £68 Mains of Dalrulzion and Newbigging; Suff. £62 West Bogton; Suff.  £60 Clochie.

Cast Ewes & Rams (406)

Ewes –

Tex. £90 Mains of Balhall; Tex.x £88 Whitemyre; Cont. £82 Mains of Balhall; Cont.x £74 Whitemyre; BFL £62 Wester Bleaton; Suff. £57.50 East Ballochy; B.F. £52 Forter; Mule £51 Newmill; Chev. £45 East Gammock.