Sale Date: Wed 26 August


Lawrie & Symington had forward  25  Prime Cattle, 8  Cows and 921  Prime Lambs and 254  Ewes and Rams.


Bullocks (5) sold to 260p for 570kg Limousin from Messrs A.A. & J. Brand, Nethermyres selling to the firm of J.B. Penman, Crail and to £1576.38 for a 611kg Limousin from Nethermyres  to the Firm of W.E. Fairlie to average 246.8p.

Heifers (20) sold to 262p for a 539kg Limousin from Craignathro Farms Ltd. to the Firm of J.B. Penman, Crail and to £1513.12 for a 772kg A.A. from Messrs Milne, Smithyton to average 228p.

Leading Prices per kg. –

Bullocks –

Lim. 258p Nethermyres; Lim.x 250 Gask; Cont. 236p Mill of Inverarity; Cont. 230p Mill of Inverarity.

Heifers –

Lim. 252p Nethermyres; BRB 250p Craignathro Farms Ltd.; Lim. x 246p Guise; Cont. 244p Gask and Nethermyres; Cont. x 242p Craignathro Farms Ltd.; BRB 242p Craignathro Farms Ltd.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1565 Gask; Lim. x £1482 Nethermyres; Cont. £1463.20 Mill of Inverarity; Cont. £1340 Mill of Inverarity.

Heifers –

Lim. £1507.98 Guise; BRB £1449.58 Craignathro Farms Ltd.; Lim.x £1476.20 Gask; Cont. £1471.68 Nethermyres; Cont. £1447.16 Craignathro Farms Ltd.; BRB £1412.50 Craignathro Farms Ltd.

Cast Cows (8) sold to £1300 (165.4p) for a 786kg Limousin from L . & E. Fowlie, The Guise.

Leading Prices per head –

Lim. £1200, £1080 The Guise; BRB £1140, £1065 The Guise; Lim. £900 Drimmie; Linc. Red £895 St. Fort; A.A. £860 St. Fort.


PRIME LAMBS (921) sold to 172p and £80 for 46.5kg Beltex’s from the Firm of William Mather & Sons to the firm of J.B. Penman, Crail to average 140.4p.

SQQ Lambs ave. 145.4p.

Leading Prices per kg. –

Belt. 160.7p Clochie; Belt. 155.6p Goddens; Cont. 154.1p Goddens; Tex. 148p Nether Middleton; Tex.x 147.7p Gyratesmyre and Drumyellow; Suff. 145.8p Pitcorthie; Suff. X 145.5p Shandford; Down 144.6p Kilspindie.

Leading Prices per head. –

Tex. £75 Whitehills; Belt. £74 Shandford; Tex.x £74 Nether Middleton; Belt. £73.50 Witton Farms; Cont. £73 Balhomie; Suff. £70.50 Whitehills; Suff. £70 Clatto, Pitcorthie and Shandford; Down. £66.50 Whitehills.

Cast Ewes & Rams (254)

Suff. £98 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Tex. £94 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Suff. X £92 Clatto; Down £90 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Tex. X £82 Witton Farms; Cont. £80 Witton Farms; Cross £70 Shandford; Zwar. £62 Brackenbrae.