Sale Date: Wed 12 August


Lawrie & Symington had forward 24  Prime Cattle,2 cows and 641  Prime Lambs and 74  Ewes and Rams.


All Classes of Prime Cattle met an excellent trade, selling to a well supported ringside of buyers.

Bullocks (6) sold to 270p and £1568.70 for a 581kg BRB from Messrs A.A. & J. Brand, Nethermyres selling to Flemings Butchers, Arbroath to average 246.3p.

Heifers (18) sold to 262p for a 556kg Lim. from J.A. Peters & Son, West Bog selling to the Firm of J.B. Penman, Crail and to £1604.56 for a 647kg Lim. also from J.A. Peters & Son selling to James Ewart Ltd., Monifieth to average 237.1p.

Leading Prices per kg –

Bullocks –

Lim. 248p Nethermyres; Lim.x 244p Riggs; Cont. 240p Gask; Cont. x 238p Riggs.

Heifers –

Lim. 258p (twice) Nethermyres; Lim. x 254p Craignathro Farms Ltd; Cont. 252p Nethermyres; Cont. 248p West Bog and Nethermyres; BRB 222p (twice) Craigend.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1428.48 Nethermyres; Lim. x £1418.40 Gask; Cont. £1248.44 Riggs; Cont. £1244.74 Riggs.

Heifers –

Lim. £1501.56 Nethermyres; Lim. x £1456.72 West Bog; Cont. £1434.48 Nethermyres; Cont. x £1432.20 Gask; BRB £1355.96 Craigend.

Cows (2)

A.A. £1100 and £920 Sandyford.


Prime Lambs (641) sold to 170.4p for 40.5kg Texels from Messrs H. Shanks & Co., Easter Cash and to £80 for 52kg Texels from P.M. Sharp, Nether Logie selling to A.P. Jess Ltd. to average 146.1p.

SQQ Lambs ave. 154.1p

Leading Prices per kg. –

Belt. 169.6p Mill of Inverarity; Tex. 168.2p Easterton of Gagie; Tex.x 166p Mains of Balhall; Belt.x 165.9p Easter Cash; Cont. 165.1p Easter Cash; Suff. 163.8p Shandford; Suff.x 153.8p Cairnleith; Down 151.2p Shandford.

Leading Prices per head –

Cont. £79 Mill of Inverarity; Belt. £78 Mill of Inverarity; Tex. £78 Mains of Balhall; Suff. £77 Shandford; Tex.x £76 Upper Tulloes and Hillhead of Careston; Suff. X £73 Clatto; Down £72 Cairnleith; Belt. X £71 Easter Cash.

Cast Ewes and Rams (74) -

Ewes –

Cont. £91 Cairnleith; Tex. £87 Cairnleith; Tex.x £85 Hillhead of Careston; Suff. £80 Upper Tulloes; Cross £80 Hillhead of Careston and Roman Road; B.F. £50 Clatto.

Rams –

Tex. £77 Balgay