Wed 2 October [Forfar Primestock Sale]

Forfar Primestock Sale

Sale Date: Wed 2 October

Forfar Primestock Sale-Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Prime Cattle

Bullocks (11): Prime Bullocks averaged 251.5ppk and sold to 266ppk for a Limousin from Woodhead of Mailer purchased by Yorkes of Dundee and £1728 gross for a Limousin from Nether Myres, purchased by J Chapman of Wishaw.

Top Prices Include: Nether Myres (Lim) at 265ppk; Woodhead of Mailer (Char) at 262ppk; Nether Myres (Cont Cross) at 258ppk.

Heifers (16): Prime Heifers averaged 260.4ppk and sold to 283ppk for a Limousin from West Bog purchased by JB Penman of Crail and £1688 gross for a Charolais from Pitlochie, purchased by WE Fairlie of Letham.

Top Prices Include: Nether Myres (Lim) at 281ppk; Nether Myres (Cross Lim) at 274ppk; Pitlochie (Char) at 268ppk.

858 Prime Lambs Averaged 153ppk

31 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) – Top 161.5ppk for Texel from Clatto

Clatto (Tex) £63; Wemyss Castle (Tex) £61

531 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) – Top 204.4ppk for Beltex from Scobshaugh

Balgay Farms (Tex) £73; Meikle Tullo (Tex) £71; Halhill (Tex) £71; Scobshaugh (Bel) £92; Easter Cash (Bel) £85; Balmaleedie House (Bel) £65; Easter Cash (Suf) £67; Shandford (Suf) £64; Balconnel (Bel) £65; West Bogton (Cont) £70; Grange of Airlie (Cont) £68; Foodie (Cont) £68.

276 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) – Top 187.8ppk for Beltex from Balmaleedie House

Clochie (Tex) £82.50; Shanford (Tex) £81; Foodie (Tex) £80; Balmaleedie House (Bel) £88; Scobshaugh (Bel) £86; Clochie (Bel) £82; West Bogton (Suff) £78; Easter Cash (Suff) £76; Balconnel (Suff) £75; Templeton (Suff) £75; Meikle Tullo (Cont) £77; Balgay (Cont) £76.50; Templeton (Cont) £74.

20 Super Lambs (52.1 +kgs) – Top 158.1ppk for Suffolk from Clochie

Halhill (Tex) £83; Balgay Farm (Tex) £83; Clochie (Suff) £85 Twice; Bankhead (Char) £74; Balgay (S.Mule) £73


Leading Prices per head and per kg


New Season Lambs

Clochie (Suff) £85; Balconnel, 163ppk; Balgay (Tex) £82.50; Balgay, 162ppk; Bankhead (Char) £74; Bankhead, 1.38ppk; Scobshaugh (Bel) £92; Scobshaugh, 204.4ppk; Balgay (Mule) £73; Balgay, 139.1ppk.

Cast Ewes

Deuchar (Tex) £59; Deuchar, £56; Deuchar (Tex) £51; Ashmore & Strone, £50.50; Deuchar (Suf) £50; Eight Acres, £40; Ashmore & Strone (GF) £49.50; Clatto, £47.50; Nether Drumheads (BF) £35; Ashmore & Strone, £32; Cormuir (Chev) £56.50